School of Technology and Computing
Applied Research Symposium
Winter 2023

Hosted by CityU’s Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and School of Technology and Computing (STC), the Applied Research Symposium is open to faculty, professionals, and students from any discipline, university, or professional organization.  At the end of each quarter, any students who would like to share their projects including capstone courses will present their outcomes. This symposium will provide opportunities for students, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the influence and impact of the applied computing on the future of our planet and our society

Event details

Date: Thursday,March 16th, 2023
Time: 4:30PM-5:30PM PST


DR. Sam Chung
Professor, School of Technology
& Computing
(CY 685)
Dr. Ali Khamesipour
Assistant Professor, School of Technology & Computing
(CS 687 )

Session Chairs

 Teaching Assistants

Anahita Raeiszadeh

Veerendra Jagatha

Mahathi Vucha

Yared Shewarade

                          Yared Shewarade

         Christopher Sharp

            Alekhya Malla 



Rima Akileh

Name : Rima Akileh

Course: CY 685

Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Description: During this internship I was hired to write a threat landscape report for Amazon Lab126.

Hong's Photo

Name: Hong Van

Course: CS 687

Employee Document Management (EDM) Sytem - A Full-stack Web Application

Description: An EDM system is a full-stack web application that allows organizations to efficiently manage their employee documents, such as contracts, performance evaluations, and other confidential files. With its user-friendly interface, employees can easily upload, update and manage their documents, while authorized personnel can easily access and track documents for compliance and record-keeping purposes. Also, this system provides secure storage, easy retrieval, and fast access to important documents that are critical to the success of the organization.


Name: Yufei Wang

Course: CS 687

A Full Stack Web Application- with recommendation System

Description: This is a full-stack web application using Twitch API and built a content-based recommendation system adding a “Recommend” feature for users. 


Name : Kevin Chancey


Technology in the Garden

Description: Implementing technology, specifically the PlantPower application, into farming and gardening. The benefits of gardening and growing your own food. 

Screenshot 2023-03-09 115733

Name : Kris Beckman

Course: CS497

Migrating Data to a Database Server and using software to run Queries and Present

Description: A company has grown too big to use their current data system which is four sheets in Microsoft Excel. They have found the amount of data overwhelming and are starting to see consistency issues. This project aims to migrate their current sheets to DBeaver and utilize Tableau for presenting data.

Sakshi Desai

Name: Sakshi Desai

Course: CS 687

Application of KeyCloak on a web application

Description: This project focuses on understanding the uses of Keycloak as an identity and access management tool. I have used it to create a login page for a web application that can be used for the LibreFoodpantry project.

image001 (1)

Name : Ken Ling

Course: CS 687

Application of Codex as bug fixer and code explainer

Description: The research topic is how to save time for developers when stuck at coding or understanding concepts. A proposed solution is to use OpenAI’s API to build a front-end application. It can immediately give the answers and correct code with a user-friendly interface to solve technical issues with a two-column design.


Name :Sravya Akula

Course: CS 687

Amazon EKS Deployment with Terraform and GitLab CI/CD

Description: The project involves using infrastructure as code (IAC) techniques to automate the deployment of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) clusters. The project also incorporates continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices using GitLab, providing a streamlined and automated approach to software development and deployment.


Name: Hussein Mohamud

Course: CS 687

Application Security for an Open-Source Software using Keycloak

DescriptionThe Keycloak is an open source software (OSS) for identity access management solution that helps secure modern web applications and services with little or no coding. Keycloak is valuable tool for protecting an organization’s assets and maintaining the integrity of its data. In addition to that, Keycloak can authenticate and authorize users and manage their permissions, roles, and attributes.

Keycloak supports standard protocols such as OpenID Connect, SAML, and OAuth2.


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