School of Technology and Computing
Applied Research Symposium
Summer 2023

Hosted by CityU’s Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and School of Technology and Computing (STC), the Applied Research Symposium is open to faculty, professionals, and students from any discipline, university, or professional organization.  At the end of each quarter, any students who would like to share their projects including capstone courses will present their outcomes. This symposium will provide opportunities for students, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the influence and impact of the applied computing on the future of our planet and our society

Event details

Date: Thursday,Sep 7th, 2023
Time: 4:30PM-5:30PM PT


DR. Sam Chung
Professor, School of Technology
& Computing
(CY 685)
Dr. Sion Yoon
Assistant Professor, School of Technology & Computing
(CS 665 )
Dr. Ali Khamesipour
Assistant Professor, School of Technology & Computing
(CS 687 )
Session Chairs
Anahita Raeis Zadeh

Anahita Raeiszadeh

Yared Shewarade

              Yared Shewarade

Asia Shvets

                      Asia Shvets

                Shravya Nangineni     

Lakshmipathi Machineni

            Lakshmipathi Machineni

Jonathan Koerber

Jonathan Koerber

Serkan Hizroglu

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Name :Thaddeus Thomas

Ruby on Rails DS Website

Course: CS 497

Description: It’s a data science website for sharing information and preventing tribal knowledge lost to the brain drain.

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Name : Sneha Katragadda

Course: CS 687

Face Recognition Attendance System Using Python

Description: The face recognition attendance system aims to develop a robust and efficient Python-based tool that automates the process of taking attendance into more efficient and effective as compared to before. My research aims to address the limitations of traditional unimodal attendance systems by introducing a novel approach that combines the strengths of multiple modalities. By capitalizing on these modalities’ distinct features and leveraging deep learning techniques, the proposed system strives to enhance both accuracy and security, offering a more adaptable and dependable solution for attendance management.


Name : Nikki Hessner

Course: CS 687

Predicting Water Access Equity in Washington State: A Machine Learning Approach to Climate Justice

Description: Using machine learning to predict future water scarcity vulnerability of local populations in Washington state. 

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Name: Jennifer Steen

Course: CS 497

Benefits of Data Mining

Description: Advertising to the target audience has been a goal of most companies. With the ability to gather data and preferences while using consumer data, organizations have been able to direct their advertising to the audience they intended. Using data collected, companies learn about their customers and potential customers to implement new strategies and technologies while making the organization more profitable, more efficient, and operationally stronger. Being able to apply this technology in the medical field could be a massive change in how diseases are diagnosed and treated. 


Name :Sri Vuyyuru

Course: CS 687

Social Media Sentiment Analysis Using NLP and Transformers

Description:  This project uses advanced NLP techniques and transformer models like BERT to understand public sentiment on social media. By analyzing posts, comments, and reviews, we’ll gain insights into emotions and opinions. The goal is to create a powerful tool for businesses to make informed decisions, researchers to study public trends, and marketers to adapt strategies effectively in the digital world.


Name : Yinghui Liu

Course: CS 497

Intelligent Parking Payment System: PayEasy

Description: Under the mechanism of parking payment machines, people in the United States unconsciously spend too much time on parking payments. Although this process may seem brief, in busy downtown areas and large parking lots, the accumulated waiting time for each individual can lead to significant time wastage. Therefore, developing a user-friendly parking payment system is a crucial issue. To address this, this paper proposes an intelligent parking payment system called “PayEasy” based on a deep convolutional neural network model for license plate recognition and facial recognition. The system aims to provide users with the most streamlined parking payment process, enabling a “park and go” experience with no need for manual payment.

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Name: Yujuan Zhou

Course: CS 497

News Recommendation System Based on Django and Fusion Model

Description: The project leverages artificial intelligence and fusion models to offer personalized news suggestions. After logging in, users can explore datasets, visualize data distributions, and receive personalized news recommendations based on user-news interactions. Utilizing resources such as the MIND dataset from Microsoft and real-time news scraped from Reuters, the system integrates the LDA topic model and a neural

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Name :Brittany S. Lynch

Course: CS 687

Digitizing and Databasing Medical Records

Description: The process of gathering and distributing information to various medical facilities and doctors is tedious and time consuming due to different facilities having different  systems and waiting for access and release from the patient. With creating a central database, patients and medical professionals will be able to access the records without having to wait for releases or if they still need to wait for a release, an archive of medical history of the patient is available immediately.

Andrew Cook (1)

Name : Andrew Cook

Course: CS 687

Motivational Message bot for Runners

Description: A new approach to motivate different kinds of runners. A chatbot using Amazon Lex and Amazon Kendra to provide personalized, motivating messages to runners.

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Name: Samantha Hipple

Course: CS 687

Equitable Emotion AI

Description: This research explores the ethical concerns surrounding facial expression recognition systems, particularly in light of recent findings that challenge the reliability and specificity of facial expressions as accurate indicators of emotion. By building on these revelations, this study proposes a subjective, user-centered approach for the application of emotion AI, aiming to promote mental well-being while mitigating risks. The focus lies on ensuring that emotion AI implementations not only adhere to scientific rigor but also champion ethical considerations in their design and application.


Name : Shravya Nangineni

Course: CS 687

A Web-based Intelligent Movie Recommendation System: Movie Maven

Description: The problem statement is picking a good movie to watch is hard especially when we have 1000s of movies. My goal with this project is to recommend movies based on similarities using Machine Learning.

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Name : Zelin Zhang

Course:  CS 497

Design and implementation of turn-based strategy game using Unity

Description: This project has developed a turn-based strategy game using the Unity engine, combining natural language models and Roguelike elements for enhanced gameplay.


Name : Tyray Fortune

Course: CS 493

Internship-front-end development

Description: The front-end development for my internship companies web and marketing team.


Name: Mary Oh

Course: CS 687

DumpHub: Restroom Finder and Crowd-Sourced Review App

Description: Restroom finder app that will provide access to nearby available restroom with crowd-sourced important details at the touch of user’s fingertips. It will include review and rating system, geolocation and location-based search, social login, push notifications, photo and video uploading, user accounts, and analytics.


Name: Griffin Dean

Course: CS 497

Negligence of Cyber Secuity Practices

Description: Looking at American’s negligence of cyber security best practices in their ever day lives. This will cover what is causing this problem, currently proposed solutions and their effectiveness, as well as new solutions to this issue.


Name: Mason Harris

Course: CY 497

GraphQL and API software
Description: I selected this topic for two reasons.
1) GraphQL is a trending technology and the ability to study it closely and conduct security assessments should help me as I seek employment,
2) assessing vulnerabilities in a large system like Netflix presents an interesting challenge.


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