Smart & Secure Computing Applied research symposium

Fall 2019

Presented by

Smart & Secure Computing Research Group (SSCRG)
Center of Information Assurance Education (CIAE)
School of Technology & Computing (STC)
City University of Seattle (CityU)

Comparison between Full Stack Architectures: Typescript/ Javascript vs Python

By: Tuan Khai Tran
Advisor: Sam Chung

The purpose of this paper is to provide somewhat direction and guideline on which technology stack to use depending on different circumstances through analyzing some of the most popular frameworks and architectures nowadays (MEAN and Django)

Software Documentation and Architectural Analysis of Full Stack Development

By: Clark Jason Ngo
Advisor: Sam Chung
The purpose of this research is to increase the level of engagement to open source full-stack applications by targeting the 3Cs (comprehension, communication, and collaboration) contributing factors. 3Cs will be improved by implementing software documentation and architectural analysis to the open-source full-stack application.

Offline-First MEAN Web Application

By: Dat Thanh Phan
Advisor: Sima Janka
This projects aims to build an offline-first web application that provides a seamless user experience for end users even when they lose their internet connection. In particular, this project studies about integrating turtleDB and tortoiseDB, which are for creating  local storage on end-users’ machines, with a MEAN web application as well as exploring their advantages and limitations.

Quantum Principal Component Analysis

By: Kevin Kuanting Chen
Advisor: Sam Chung
Principal Component Analysis can be costly in traditional computing environments in terms of computational complexity. The purpose of this project is to implement a Quantum Principal Component Analysis with lower computational complexity using IBM Quantum Computing resources.


Moments from this quarter’s symposium 

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