Smart & Secure Computing Applied research symposium

Summer 2019

Presented by

Smart & Secure Computing Research Group (SSCRG)
Center of Information Assurance Education (CIAE)
Department of Technology & Computing (DTC)
City University of Seattle (CityU)

Migration of Customer Relationship Management from On-premise to a Cloud-based solution

By: Sayalee Pande

This research addresses the question of how the cost of using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be reduced.

The influence of artificial intelligence on security

By: Weichao He

This research evaluates whether the development of artificial intelligence will be beneficial or harmful for security.

Internationalization and Localization for Web and Mobile Applications

By: Peng Wang

Implementing the Internationalization and Localization for web and mobile applications can cause a high cost during the development and maintenance process as well as a huge performance impact. This research provides solutions to these problems.

A Neighborhood Service Web Application in ASP.NET Core 2.2 using Azure Services

By: Rohan Ali

This research resolves the following questions: Can we implement a social networking web service for a neighborhood to eliminate the communication gap between its members? Can we implement this service in ASP.NET?


Moments from this quarter’s symposium¬†

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