School of Technology and Computing
Applied Research Symposium
Winter 2024

Hosted by CityU’s Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and School of Technology and Computing (STC), the Applied Research Symposium is open to faculty, professionals, and students from any discipline, university, or professional organization.  At the end of each quarter, any students who would like to share their projects including capstone courses will present their outcomes. This symposium will provide opportunities for students, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the influence and impact of the applied computing on the future of our planet and our society

Event details

Date: Thursday, Mar 14 th, 2024
Time: 4:30PM-5:30PM PT


DR. Sam Chung
School of Technology & Computing
(CS680, CS687)
Jounsup Park
Jounsup Park
Associate Faculty,
School of Technology & Computing
Ali Khamesipour
Dr . Ali Khamesipour
Associate Faculty,
School of Technology & Computing
Dr . Patrick Offor
Associate Faculty,
School of Technology & Computing
Session Chairs
Asia Shvets
Asia Shvets
Lakshmipathi Machineni
Lakshmipathi Machineni
Yared Shewarade
Yared Shewarade
Jonathan Koerber
Jonathan Koerber
Kina Anh Bui
Kina Bui
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen
Naveena Moddu
Naveena Moddu
Carlo Alcantara 

Name : Carlo Alcantara 

Making a Smart Home More Intelligent with Large Language Models

Course: CS497

Description: Smart devices are increasingly used in our homes but still require interaction with them to use effectively. This topic explores making smart devices work better together without the need for continued interaction.

Brandon Foster

Name: Brandon Foster 

Data Mining in Cyber Forensics

Course: CS497

Description: This project looks at the current state of data mining and its uses in cyber forensics and looks ahead to the future to see what the possibilities are with AI and Block-chaining.

Ajay Shrikrishna Naik

Name: Ajay Shrikrishna Naik

Managing Embedded Devices: A Cloud-Based Approach

Course: CS687

Description: “DeviceMaster” is a Master’s Capstone Project focused on solving the challenge of communicating with IoT devices behind firewalls. Utilizing edge computing principles, it introduces a website for cloud-based control of embedded devices, enhancing user experience with features like custom code deployment and result visualization. Leveraging technologies such as py4web and Vue.js, the project aims to provide a comprehensive platform for managing embedded devices efficiently. With key features including device registration and periodic synchronization, supported by a technology stack featuring Py4web, Vue.js, Bulma CSS, Celery, Redis, and SQLite, DeviceMaster promises fast and seamless device management and synchronization capabilities

Brock Saxen

Name: Brock Saxen

Data Visualization for Manufacturing Defects and Recalls

Course: CS687

Description: For my capstone project I’m doing an analysis of recall data from the NHTSA.

Kip Tatum

Name: Kip Tatum


Course: CS687

Description: My capstone project is creating a portal that will consolidate various forms of communication into one portal.  This portal will include new emails from any provided email addresses a calendar, any requested social media feeds and finally secure data storage.  Your portal dashboard can be shared with others in your preferred group.

Richard Angell

Name : Richard Angell

AI-Enhanced Global Collaboration: Navigating the Ethical and Communicative Landscape of Team Dynamics

Course: CS497

Description: This project proposes a system for enhancing team communication through multimodal sentiment analysis. By integrating advanced AI and machine learning technologies, including TensorFlow and spaCy, it analyzes video, audio, and text data to identify emotional cues and sentiment trends within team interactions. The system provides actionable insights via a user-friendly dashboard, offering tailored recommendations for improving collaboration dynamics, all while ensuring data privacy and security through robust encryption and ethical data handling practices.

Joey Kiesel

Name: Joey Kiesel 

Automated Resume Builder

Course: CS497

Description: Using Python, NoSQL, and NLP, I’ll create a program to automatically add relevant skills to a resume based off the skills listed in a job description and a user’s skill database.

Julia Nguyen

Name: Julia Giang Nguyen

Project Progress and Professional Development

Course: CS680


This presentation explores how testing EDI and analyzing databases can improve ERP systems. It covers projects on checking EDI specs, setting up ERP, and testing databases with Hyperion Brio. The focus is on making custom reports using SQL queries for better decision-making. The presenter shows skills in setting up systems, checking data, and using SQL, fitting career paths in Systems Design and IT. The insights gained from the internship offer practical ways to improve systems and match career interests in technology.

Hema Deepika Thanigai Arasu

Name: Hema Deepika Thanigai Arasu

SecureCloudMed: Fortifying Data Privacy for Electronic Health Records in Cloud Computing

Course: CS687

Description: Migrating EHRs to cloud computing brings in the influence of third parties who could directly compromise the privacy of data or introduce vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to gain unauthorized access to the data. The failure to protect the privacy of EHRs in cloud amounts to a violation of the privacy requirements of HIPAA. The problem is the increased vulnerability of EHRs to privacy breaches due to migration to cloud computing.

Richard Barker 

Name : Richard Barker 

How Remote Work was redefined by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Course: CS497

Description: A brief oveview of how the pandemic shaped society and the economy, and how the job market has changed in response.

Odong Owar

Name: Odong Owar 

Securing Tomorrow

Course: CS497

Description: Explore the transformative influence of artificial intelligence on cybersecurity, particularly in response to the escalating sophistication of cyber threats and how AI’s integration has revolutionized conventional defense mechanisms by offering advanced capabilities in threat detection, prediction, and response.

Osama Khan

Name: Osama Khan

A Cloud-based Mobile App for Medicine Time Tracker and Notifier: MediC

Course: CS687

Description: Medicine time tracker app that will remind patients or users of the app to take medicine making patients more compliant. This application uses AI and ML algorithms to take pictures of handwritten  prescriptions from doctors and make a schedule for medicine intake time and sets alarms.

Michael Weber

Name: Michael Weber

Consolidating Vulnerability Data Feeds for Comprehensive Management Program

Course: CS665

Description: A local municipality relies on multiple sources of vulnerability data, including internal scans, CISA, and vendor reports, that exist in silos. This fragmentation of vulnerability information across disconnected systems reduces visibility into the true extent of risks and makes it challenging to prioritize remediation efforts. There is a need for a consolidated view of vulnerability findings to make data-driven risk management decisions. This project aims to develop an automated framework integrating vulnerability data from numerous feeds into a central system. The goals are to create a comprehensive, up-to-date inventory of cyber risks, enable effective prioritization and tracking of remediation activities, and implement dashboards or spreadsheets for improved visibility and reporting. 

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Name : Adrian Chastang 

Mitigating Nation-State Cyber Attacks on Utility Power Critical Infrastructure: A targeted cybersecurity strategy focused on the energy sector

Course: CS497

Description: This project outlines a comprehensive defense strategy for safeguarding utility power critical infrastructure against nation-state cyber threats by integrating the NIST Cybersecurity Framework’s five key functions and transitioning to a cloud-based architecture. Emphasizing the recovery phase, it advocates for Infrastructure as Code principles and geographically dispersed backups to enhance resilience and minimize regional disruptions, ultimately aiming to bolster cybersecurity posture and adaptability in utility power systems.

Danial Thomas

Name: Danial Thomas 

Data Management Application for Collections

Course: CS497

Description: I’m making an application that can be used to track large collections, in precise detail, and share it with others easily. This will encompass managing the data, encryption, compression, and app development processes. This is primarily to serve myself and others in a community who could use it. It’s not life-changing, but it can represent my abilities and make something annoying at least a little better.

Lakshmi Palaniappan

Name: Lakshmi Palaniappan

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in the Aviation Industry

Course: CS665

Description: The study demonstrated that the aviation industry is experiencing significant cybersecurity exposures and vulnerabilities, such as Ransomware attacks, Phishing, Distributed Denial of Service attacks, and Data breaches. We explored whether the aviation employment and deployment of targeted Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in the industry will positively improve the aviation industry’s cybersecurity posture and effectiveness. Analyzing cybersecurity use cases in other industries and demonstrating their transference to the aviation industry, we illustrate how AI can address cybersecurity risks and enable uninterrupted air travel.


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