School of Technology and Computing
Applied Research Symposium
Spring 2021

Hosted by CityU’s Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and School of Technology and Computing (STC), the Applied Research Symposium is open to faculty, professionals, and students from any discipline, university, or professional organization.  At the end of each quarter, any students who would like to share their projects including capstone courses will present their outcomes. This symposium will provide opportunities for students, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the influence and impact of the applied computing on the future of our planet and our society

Event details

Date: Thursday, June 10th, 2021
Time: 4:00PM-5:00PM PDT


DR. Sam Chung
Dean, School of Technology & Computing
Morgan Zantua
Program Director, School of Technology & Computing
DR. Sion Yoon
Associate Faculty, School of Technology & Computing

Applying Cloud Computing Services to Improve Software Application Development

The goal of this capstone project is to propose the concept of applying cloud computing to improve software application development using AWS cloud computing services. With AWS, software developers or organizations can apply its services to improve and increase their development and deployment process. Additionally, cloud computing services can reduce the complexity of building large applications and create scalable and reliable applications. In addition, cloud computing creates a better way to develop software application infrastructure, including implementation, design, development, testing, and deployment.


Kimyou By - M.S. Computer Science

CS 687 : Computer Science Capstone


Min Qiu - M.S. Computer Science

CS 687 : Computer Science Capstone

General Proposal Management System Reengineering with Serverless

At present, more and more projects use cloud service technology, so that legacy systems on the market hope to be refactored to cloud service servers through projects. But because of the difficulty of refactoring the legacy system without documentation and learning cloud service technology, it requires a lot of investment to realize it. This project aims to provide best practices for the reconstruction of the Proposal Management System to cloud services.

A Comparison of Recommender System Methods for Movie

The project aims to find the better performing method of movie recommendation.

Minh Truong

Minh Nguyen - M.S. Computer Science

CS 687 : Computer Science Capstone

headshot copy

Kim Nguyen - M.S. Computer Science

CS 687 : Computer Science Capstone

Serverless General Event Management System

Serverless and Cloud-based software have been gaining more attention over the years. Everyone wants to adopt this futuristic technologies, individuals, or businesses alike. However, the common roadblocks in migrating to serverless or Cloud-based architectures, are huge learning curves and management difficulties. As a result, many businesses are hesitant to adopt these new technologies, despite its benefits. This capstone provides a low-maintenance, low cost, secured, and serverless solution to event management system that is reusable for different organizations. In addition, solutions to dealing with current serverless technologies strains, including effective technical project management practices will be provided.

Incident Response: Deception & Diversion

This project addresses the question “if a company is attacked by a malicious group and alerted, do they have the necessary knowledge and understanding to remediate that threat at all the attack vectors?”


Adrian Boyer - M.S. Information Security

ISEC 665 Cybersecurity Capstone


Greg Surber - M.S. Information Security

ISEC 665 Cybersecurity Capstone

Threat Modeling the Internet of Things: IoT Honeypots as Research Tools

As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows at an ever-increasing rate, security is falling farther and farther behind. Several new initiatives show promise for expanding the privacy and security around these devices in the future. But, what about the billions of devices already out there in the wild? Security researchers need to develop the tools and procedures for discovering these devices quickly, understand the risks they bring with them, and develop tools to mitigate those risks to more manageable levels. Recent research in honeypot architectures explicitly designed for the chaotic nature of the IoT ecosystem brings a new sense of hope that may lead to significant improvements in IoT security.

Continuous Integration(CI)/Continuous Deployment(CD) Pipeline Architecture Security and Quality Analysis for DevOps Team

The purpose of this project is to propose how to improve both the quality and security of continuous delivery service of a modern software system through adapting to the CI/CD architecture of cloud platform. CI/CD mainly focuses on increasing the frequency of software deliveries to build more resilient systems.


Smita Dutta - M.S. Computer Science

CS 687: Computer Science Capstone


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