NCL Spring 2023

The schedule for the spring league is coming out soon.
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Registration for NCL 2022 Fall Season is open now through Oct 7, 8:59 pm PDT.

$35 registration fee includes access to everything in the Season Schedule

Instructions for Student Players
2. Log in using your existing Cyber Skyline account or create a new account
3. After you log in, click on the red “Student Player” button to begin the NCL Season registration
4. When prompted for Game Code options, select the one applicable to you and proceed accordingly
5. Fill out your Player Profile per the instructions on the web page and submit the Player Profile
6. Finally, you will be prompted to redeem your NCL Game Code. Submit your NCL Game Code and your desired leaderboard display name
7. The system will inform you that you have successfully registered for the NCL 2022 Fall Season. You may verify or link with your coach using the designated Coach Observation Link URL below
Coach Observation Link:
Please make sure to read & review the NCL Ethical Behavior and Rules of Conduct and understand appropriate and professional conduct in the NCL.


Reserve your spot to receive your rebate and to join the team


Gym Open: 08/23 - 12/16
Practice Game: 10/10 - 10/17
Individual: 10/21 - 10/23
Team: 11/04 - 11/06

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