Master LeetCode during COVID 2020

Amin is currently working as a Teaching Assistant for the School of Technology and Computing while pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science at City University of Seattle. He earned his first master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 and worked in the energy sector for four years at companies like GE and Siemens. Amin’s research interests in the domain of Computer Science include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Security.

Amin invests his time working on Leetccode problems. LeetCode is a platform that allows you to practice your coding skills with real interview questions from different companies. Questions have a different level of difficulty, and each question has multiple unique solutions. 

According to Amin, “Tech giants conduct standard interviews to hire software engineers. As a job-seeking graduate student, it is crucial for me to adapt my knowledge and skills to the standard coding questions that are being asked by FAANG (Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Netflix 
(NFLX); and Alphabet (GOOG) (formerly known as Google)  companies. My research demonstrates that most of these questions can be found in Leetcode and so I have decided to spend my time, on Leetcode problems.”

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