Web Scraping on #Covid-19 Updates.   

Dealing with #Covid-19 outbreaks is challenging. #SocialDistancing and #SelfQuarantineThe City University of Seattle (CityU) community began working from home in mid-March. Students from the School of Technology & Computing (STC) developed the #SmartandSecure #QuarantineChallenge to reframe the impact of #Covid-19.  


An individual or a group will be featured regularly with a project in development during the quarantine. #covidcantstopme motivates STC students to be positive and productive during this difficult time. 

This week, CityU’s Center for Information Assurance Education (CIAE) proudly presents Apiwat Chuaphan’s project: Web Scraping on #Covid-19 Updates  


When Covid-19 began making the news, Apiwat wanted to stay informed. Working as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for STC and graduating this June with his MS in Computer Science keeps Apiwat very busy. He engaged his web development skills and built a smart and efficient website that scraped national news sources to keep him up-to-date on the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Apiwat wrote his project in Python and used Django for the web framework. On the right screen the HTML file manages the page display and the JavaScript file manages an interactive USA map. 

Bootstrap manages the page for the User Experience Design (UI and UX). The data source of cases comes from API available on Github. An example is shown on the right screen, displaying the JSON data file that was collected using REST, an application design that uses less bandwidth. 


Apiwat’s Web Scraping project is attracting viewers. Despite Corvid-19, he continues to prepare for life after graduation in June 2020.  Review Apiwat’s achievements on LinkedIn


More about Apiwat: https://www.linkedin.com/in/achuaphan/ and https://smartandsecurecomputing.org/apiwatchuapha