Every few weeks, specialists who work in different fields of technology are invited to give educational talks to students to inspire and share their knowledge.

Speaker: Phuong Nguyen
IT Recruiter at ManpowerGroup

STC invites Phuong Nguyen to share her expertise and experiences about how to land your dream job. She is a Technical Recruiter with expertise in talent sourcing, talent attraction, recruiting, and career coaching. She demonstrated experience working for a world-leading recruitment agency and leading an in-house recruitment team within a global organization. Join us and find out how you can start your job search journey and nail your next interview.

Event Date: August 25, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT

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Speaker: Colonel Scott Nelson
Senior Army Reserve Advisor (IMA) United States Cyber Command

The United States is engaged in the greatest global power competition in our history.   Cyber is the global nervous system, which places many of our US institutions at risk.  Successful competition requires a more dynamic, holistic view of information and cybersecurity and a close partnership between government, private industry, and academia. Learn what your role is to strengthen these partnerships.

Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM PDT, Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021

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Speaker: Serah Daniels is the
CEO and co-founder of Blue Canoe

Sarah Daniels is a serial entrepreneur and executive with more than 25 years of experience starting, growing, and selling high technology companies.

She will discuss how start-up is and why you should join. She will also provide job seekers with direct advice from the industry.
Sarah received her bachelor’s degree in Math from Yale University and received her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM PDT, Wednesday, June 02, 2021

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Speaker: Kendra E. Schraml Senior Technical Project Manager at USAA.

Kendra is currently a Senior Technical Project Manager at USAA. She has extensive experience with traditional Waterfall and Agile methodologies in the field of software engineering.

This time, she will share how to manage the BIG project in the fast-paced corporate world and how to succeed in project management.

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Speaker: Paul Pottorf
Are You Cloud-Ready?

Paul is the founder of a consulting practice that provides cloud architecture & information security services. His company runs the security and PCI compliance program for a few companies in the tolling industry. They also work in the R&D development for a Fortune 100 company, helping build the technology & process to support an enterprise migration to Amazon AWS. In a prior role, Paul spent 10 years at Microsoft as a Program & Product Manager. He completed a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity & Leadership from the University of Washington Tacoma in 2016.
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Speaker: Charlie Manger Founder and CEO at Development and Investment LLC

Charlie has worked in more than 50 countries with multidisciplinary teams to open & expand new markets, development projects, build teams, solve gnarly problems. As a result, he’s built-up an extensive resource network that can be tapped for technology, capital and know-how. He draws upon his work with consortia in public-private partnerships to figure out ways to design-build-operate-finance big projects on a turnkey basis.

More about the speaker: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charliemanger/

Speaker: Vidya Agarwal Principal Architect at T-mobile ​

DevOps culture brings a set of practices into the play at SDLC which brings the Development and operations team together, improvise time-to-market, catch issues early and live with the motto of  “Web build it, we own it.”

More about the speaker: www.MyPassionFor.Net

Automotive & Embedded Software Engineering

Tin Nguyen is currently working at Robert Bosch GmbH, Vietnam location, as an Embedded Software Engineer. Tin will be talking about the Automotive trend and explain about his work at Robert Bosch. If you are interested in becoming a software engineer in general, join the talk to find out more!

Lear more about Tin and his work: https://tin.ng/


Speaker: Jin Kim
Senior Product Manager

– Overview into career guidance for the program management/product management path
– How Microsoft manage the software development cycle within the Dynamics 365 product group at Microsoft
– What is it like to work at Microsoft
– How to land a job at Microsoft. Tips and Tricks for interviews.

Health Analytics - Types of Analytics and data, application areas, and job outlook

Dr. Chi Zhang is an Associate Professor in the College of Computing and Software Engineering at Kennesaw State University, located in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Her research is focused in health IT and health analytics. She holds PhD in IT and MS in Computer Science from University of Nebraska – Omaha. Dr. Zhang is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Information & Management Systems (CPHIMS) and a Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA). She is currently in the health analytics master’s program at Duke University.

Microservice Architecture

Vidya gave a guest lecture on the fundamentals of Microservice Architecture.

Using the Right Tools for the Right Job

Nhat shared his study habits to land a job in Amazon.

Life of a Software Engineer

Samuel Kitono shared his experiences in different big tech companies.

Using the Right Tools for the Right Job

Leon Yip presented his path on being successful on his own company. Encouraging speech on the story of starting the company with his wife working hard together to the current successful stage.


Zubair Amjad from Universtiy of Washington shared his amazing experience of being the leader of the Tech Organization in UW.

Tech Terms Decoded

Tuan and Clark from City University of Seattle gave an interesting speech on trending tech terms with specific scenarios. 


Leveraging AWS services and Python for Enterprise-Wide Change Mangement

David Kan from Amazon shared his amazing experience on how he succeeded being the Technical Program Manager. He also gave wonderful advice on the AWS services.

Making a Serverless Development Portfolio -In 7 Days

Fernando Medina Corey as a software engineer gave an interesting and practical talk on making a serverless development project within short time. 

How Angular Components Work Together

Scott McAllister from SmartSheet gave a great introduction to the Angular framework

AppEsteem PUA

Neil Comisioneru from AppEsteem give a talk about a new browser extension to prevent potentially unwanted application.

Laravel + Vue.js

Cali Castle from Very Very Spaceship gave a detailed introduction to Laravel & Vue.js.

Micro-service Architecture

John Jensen from Nintendo gave a brief introduction to the micro-service architecture.

Cybersecurity Business

Thomas Rochat from Avanade talked about his own experience from students to professions and how cybersecurity works in business.

Software Development Experience

Rahul Deshpande from Microsoft gave us a speech of his personal experience about becoming the professional SDE.


Pavel Tsurbeleu from Microsoft gave a talk on how to create your own toolbox to help you on the career path.

Software Development Life Ccyle and Hackathon

Lance Cho from Russell Investment gave a brief introduction to the Software Development Life Cycle and Clark Jason Ngo shared his experience during the Hackathon event.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Heegun Yang from CityU shared his knowledge of Cyber Threat Intelligence.