AWS Skills Center Event



Monday, July 17th


The AWS Skills Center, 1760 Terry Street, Seattle.
Corner of Virginia and Terry Avenue (one-way street). To reach the loading dock, come from Stewart Street, make a right onto Terry Avenue, and turn into a garage-like structure (before the intersection of Virginia), then turn left.

Static Display & Handouts

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Tour of AWS, interaction with teachers, participation on a panel. Dinner will be provided.


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Contact Info

Director of Cyber Architecture and Strategy


Ty Berthiaume is the Director of Cyber Architecture and Strategy at CNH Industrial. In this role, he oversees the enhancement of the organization’s security posture across multiple security domains: Enterprise IT, Product, Vehicle, and Operational Technology. His main responsibilities include leading the development and integration of new security capabilities while ensuring their alignment with technical and strategic roadmaps.

Military Service

Before joining CNH Industrial, Ty had a distinguished military career. He served as an Active Duty soldier in the US Army for 12 years and spent an additional 4 years as a US Federal Civilian. Throughout his military service, Ty deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan, actively supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He gained extensive experience in various IT and Cyber roles, ranging from managing IT help desks and coordinating incident response efforts to upgrading base infrastructure from copper to fiber and overseeing the implementation of line of sight/beyond line of sight communication systems.

Deputy CISO

As a US Federal Civilian, Ty played a crucial role in integrating US and NATO battle command information technology systems. Additionally, he was instrumental in driving cybersecurity architectures for DoD Space assets. Furthermore, Ty held the position of Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Los Angeles Space Force Base. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Management from Trident University, complemented by several technical certifications such as Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).

Meet Alexander Salazar Jr

Cybersecurity Expert & Military Intelligence Officer

Over A Decade of Federal Service and a Passion for Cybersecurity

Profile Overview

Mr. Alexander Salazar Jr, widely recognized as Alex, has an esteemed career spanning over 10 years in federal service, with a specialized focus on cybersecurity for over 5 years.

Present Designation

  • Cybersecurity Advisor, CISA: Mr. Salazar is an integral part of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) team in King County and Seattle (Region 10). His responsibilities encompass:
    • Strategically engaging stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) to discuss avant-garde cybersecurity methodologies and solutions.
    • Serving as a pivotal liaison during cybersecurity incidents, ensuring seamless communication and information dissemination.
  • Military Intelligence Officer: In addition to his civilian contributions, Mr. Salazar is an esteemed Military Intelligence Officer with the Washington Army National Guard. His dedication to national service is further exemplified through his interactions with local Veterans at the Ballard VFW Post.

Previous Engagements

Prior to his commendable association with CISA, Mr. Salazar was affiliated with the University of Washington's Information Security Office, where he excelled as a cyber intelligence analyst

Board Affiliations

Demonstrating leadership and commitment, Mr. Salazar holds a significant board position as the Membership Director for the Evergreen InfraGard Chapter of Washington State.

Academic Credentials

Bachelor of Applied Science: Mr. Salazar has procured a degree in Information Technology and Administrative Management from Central Washington University.

Master of Science: He further augmented his academic portfolio with a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from the University of Washington.

Major Sameer Puri

CIO WA National Guard

Major Sameer Puri holds distinguished roles as the Chief Information Officer and the Director of Defensive Cyber Operations for the Washington Army National Guard. Serving as a CIO, Sameer is the primary advisor on all issues representing the WA Army National Guard Commanding General, in the domains of Information Management (IM), Information Technology (IT), and Cybersecurity. He leads the way in IT infrastructure modernization projects, which encompass the implementation of a hybrid secure multi-cloud. With hands-on experience, he designs and puts into action information security programs, efficiently managing related risks across the organization. A testament to his dedication, Sameer’s service in the United States Army and Washington Army National Guard spans an impressive 23 years.

Terry Thibault​

Red Team at Apple

Christina Azene

leads the Cyber Threat Intelligence @ Expedia Security & Privacy

Christina leads the Cyber Threat Intelligence program on the Expedia Security & Privacy team. She has an expansive background across public, private, and non-profit sectors and specializes in designing and implementing strategic security programs centered around business priorities.

Before joining Expedia, Christina operationalized threat research at Recorded Future, focusing on brand abuse, vulnerabilities, fraud, and third-party risks. She has leveraged threat intelligence to perform risk assessments and due diligence for private equity firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Christina previously served in the federal government and is an alumna of the Fulbright Scholarship and National Security Education Program Boren Fellowship programs. She enjoys building engaged multi-disciplinary teams and helping others navigate and understand today’s complex threat landscapes.