Earn a full scholarship + stipend + work for a Department of Defense Agency!

The Department of Defense, partnered with the Center for Cybersecurity Innovation (C4CyI) through City University-Seattle, is offering scholarships available to undergraduate (junior/seniors) and graduate students.

Current and incoming CityU students selected by DoD and CityU are eligible to receive full tuition, fees, books and a living stipend of $27,000 per year for undergraduate students, $32,000 per year for graduate students.

In exchange for this scholarship, awardees work for the sponsoring agency for a period of years equal to the time on scholarship.

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Center for Cybersecurity Innovation

Subject Line: DoD CySP


US Citizens (nationals) in junior/senior year, or in graduate school are Eligible


Cybersecurity: A declared major in one of the scientific, technical, or managerial disciplines related to cyber or with a concentration in cybersecurity


Applications are being accepted until the 1st of February 2024.


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