We are a group of schools that are all part of The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) program. The CAEs participating in the proposal at the time of submission include the City University of Seattle, University of Washington-Bothell, Green River College, University of Idaho, North Idaho College, Mt. Hood Community College, University of Montana Missoula College, Great Falls College, Regis University, Arapahoe Community College. In addition, Dakota State University and North Dakota State. Our CHI coalition is offering the opportunity to train high school educators to teach cybersecurity within their schools. No experience is required.


Our core group of CAE accredited schools is dedicated to developing and providing cybersecurity education for teachers to teach at a high school level. Our mission is to provide training, support, and resources to enable high school teachers to offer their complete cybersecurity courses to high school students in the fall of 2022. Through this grant project, our goal is to provide support for teachers, teach the cybersecurity fundamentals to all levels so that teachers have the tools and knowledge to offer an entire cybersecurity course to their school fall of 2022. The CHI Coalition will deliver a sustainable, systematic approach to developing high school cybersecurity teachers. Our hope is that this is only the beginning of building security awareness within education. We aim to inspire teachers to teach cybersecurity, and in turn, students will be inspired to take a cyber approach to all aspects of their lives and pursue a career in cybersecurity.


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