Current high school cybersecurity teachers or teachers interested in teaching cybersecurity. In this course, teachers will be introduced to the core ideas of cybersecurity that will be used as a guide to teaching an entire cybersecurity course to their students.


– We are offering a 10-Module Online Training Class Starting June 13, 2022

  • Mentors are provided.

District support is a condition of this initiative. This will enable students to access internet-based labs and tools, as noted in the grant.   


– The PESB High School Computer Science Initiative  objective is to train and prepare high school teachers to pass their Computer Science endorsement and  be ready to teach a complete cybersecurity course to high school students in the fall 2022.

– We believe in the power of peer-to-peer connection in learning cybersecurity. Our program provides mentorship throughout the course to prepare and support high school teachers to learn basic principles and concepts essential to teaching cybersecurity.

-Provide a foundation in cybersecurity’s principles including the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Tasks required in the field. 

– Delivery design components combine the concepts of the flipped classroom and Just-in-Time teaching

– All course outcomes are designed using Bloom’s Taxonomy and use active learning methodologies.

-Career assessment and guidance are embedded into the classroom exercises providing students access to clear pathways to continue their cybersecurity education.  

– Gain a solid foundation with additional resources to prepare for and pass an endorsement.