Startalk course schedule


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What does it cost to enroll in STARTALK?

STARTALK is grant funded. Participants selected for the program receive full scholarships. Summer Camp is a commuter experience. All public transportation is paid.

Is the program on-line or in-person?

The programs are in a hybrid format. - 5 online courses (Spring 2023, Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024) & 1 in-person summer summit course (Summer 2023)

What if I cannot take all six courses?

STARTALK is designed to support learning or strengthening your Korean and integrating this with cybersecurity. Students can earn 30 college credits by participating. We encourage full participation and have mentors to help you complete the program. We will work with participants on an individual basis to retain you. We understand you may be working, have family responsibilities, or have a job. We can be flexible. We do expect our participants to attend the summer camp.

How much time is involved?

This is a great way to get back into the lifelong learning mind set. Our students learn more than Korean and cybersecurity/technology. They learn about the career opportunities available to bi-lingual professionals.

How much Korean should an applicant speak?

STARTALK K3I3C3 is designed for people with a basic level of Korean. This project will also accept motivated people who want to learn Korean. We will have individual Korean language mentors/helpers to support different levels of Korean language skills.

I am a Running Start student. Do I qualify for this program?

High school 12th graders and Running Start Students are encouraged to apply. (Under 40 years old)

How much college credit can I earn?

It is possible to earn up to thirty (30) credits. This program provides you with 5 college credits per course.

What if I speak Korean at home, but cannot write Korean?

This program focuses on all aspects of Korean including reading, writing, and Korean culture. We encourage to apply the program if you have any Korean language experience.

What You'll Be Doing

Korean Innovative Interactive Immersive Culture Cybersecurity Camp(K-I3C3) combines beginner and intermediate Korean language instruction and culture with Cybersecurity and Programming Basics.