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Transition to a Career in Tech

Nationwide talent shortage in computing enables career transition for people ready to obtain technology skills to land jobs in Organizations seeking skilled professionals. This certificate is the first step to begin the transition into an exciting, well-paid career.

Certificate Overview

The Undergraduate Certificate in the Fundamentals of Computing is designed to develop marketable skills grounded in the principles of computing. This certificate provides a solid fundamental for further education in the computing fields – Computer Science, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Information Systems, and Information Technology. Upon successful completion of the certificate, students will have mastered fundamental skills in programming, statistical computing, broad fundamental topics in computing, web, database technologies, and cybersecurity to build a career in the field of computing.

Learning Outcomes

The Undergraduate Certificate in the Foundations of Computing will prepare students to: 

Integrate a foundational knowledge of all areas of fundamentals of computing
Apply fundamental principles and practices of the fundamentals of computing
Apply critical and ethical thinking to solve problems in the fundamentals of computing
Evaluate data to inform decisions and solve problems in the fundamentals of computing
Create the ability to develop and express ideas while applying a variety of delivery models, genres, and styles
Collaborate effectively on diverse teams to accomplish a common goal


Certificate Requirements (30 Credits) 

CS 132 Computer Science I
CS 251 Statistical Computing
IS 201 Fundamentals of Computing
IS 312 Web Design
IS 345 Cybersecurity
IS 360 Database Technologies

Career Opportunities

Program Manager


Ali Khamesipour

Graduates from the certificate program can apply their skills in organizations such as health, government, education, non-profit, and industry.

This is the first of three stackable certificates with credits that apply to one of five undergraduate degrees at the School of Computing and Technology.

Technology careers are listed as one of the highest-paying bachelor’s degrees pathways. For more information visit the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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