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Be a Change Agent in the IT Industry

The Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) program is a multidisciplinary program designed for innovative leaders who wish to advance knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) in Technology and Computing. DIT candidates choose an area of focus in Computer Science,  Cybersecurity, or Data Science. Candidates develop essential information technology capabilities key to leading and influencing organizations.  

With a focus on developing advanced KSAs in information technology innovations, the program prepares candidates for senior-level positions in industry, government, or education. Graduates utilize the latest technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data science, to optimize organizational performance. The DIT program is designed and developed based on ACM curricular guidelines and also on the NSA/DHS Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) standards. The DIT multidisciplinary program provides a high-quality learning experience through a flexible format that meets the candidate’s career objectives.

Learning Outcomes

The Doctor of Information Technology will prepare students to:

Integrate foundational knowledge of all areas of advanced information technology and computing
Apply fundamental principles and practices of advanced information technology and computing
Apply critical and ethical thinking to solve problems in advanced information technology and computing
Evaluate data to inform decisions and solve problems in advanced information technology and computing
Create the ability to develop and express ideas while applying a variety of delivery models, genres, and styles
Collaborate effectively on diverse teams to accomplish a common goal

Admission Requirements

master’s degree from an accredited or recognized institution is required to enroll in this program. The School of Technology and Computing encourages students with non-technical master’s degrees to pursue the DIT. Preparatory courses for the degree include: 

CS 132 Computer Science I
CS 330 Network Communications
IS 340 Operating Systems
IS 360 Database Technologies 


Total Required Credits: 91 

Pre-core Requirement (0 Credit) 

DIT 600 DIT Orientation to Doctoral Program  

Core Requirements (24 Credits)

DIT 605 Information Technology Strategic Management 
DIT 610 Information Technology Policy and Governance 
DIT 615 Planning and Managing IT Projects  
DIT 620 IT Innovation in Complex and Global Environments  
DIT 625 Cybersecurity and Information Assurance  
DIT 630 Data-Driven Decisions  
DIT 635 Data and Business Analytics  
DIT 637 Smart and Secure Systems 

Depth of Study (24 Credits)

Depth of Study 1: Computer Science, Artificial intelligence

CS 506 Programming for Computing
CS 533 Computer Architecture
CS 547 Secure Systems and Programs
CS 622 Discrete Math and Algorithms for Computing
CS 624 Full-Stack Development I – Mobile App
CS 628 Full-Stack Development II – Web Application
DS 510 Artificial Intelligence for Data Science
DS 620 Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Depth of Study 2: Cybersecurity

CY 505 Systems Security
CY 510 Human and Organization Security
CY 525 Network and Wireless Security
CY 545 Data Privacy and Security
CY 605 Cybersecurity Auditing
CY 609 Software Security
CY 628 Components Integration Security
CY 640 Software Reverse Engineering

Depth of Study 3: Data Science
CS 506 Programming for Computing
CS 622 Discrete Math and Algorithms for Computing
DS 510 Artificial Intelligence for Data Science
DS 520 Data Mining
DS 524 Data Management and Governance
DS 620 Machine Learning & Deep Learning
DS 623 Math & Statistics for Data Science
DS 625 Big Data Architectures and Systems

Depth of Study 4: Customized 
Choose 24 credits with the approval of the Program Director.  This customized Depth of Study should have at least 12 credits from the other three DIT DOS areas. 

Research Core (15 Credits)

RESR 617 Research Fundamentals
RESR 619 Quantitative Research Methods
RESR 621 Qualitative Research Methods
RESR 623 Research Design
RESR 625 Advanced Research Topics

DIT 650 (A-C) Doctoral Seminar  in Emerging Technology

DIT 680 DIT Internship 

Doctoral Residencies (3 Credits)

RESR 601 Residency 1
RESR 602 Residency 2
RESR 603 Residency 3

Comprehensive Exams (6 Credits)

DIT 682 DIT Comprehensive Exam

Dissertation (18 Credits)

RESR 694A Dissertation 1
RESR 694B Dissertation 2
RESR 694C Dissertation 3
RESR 694D Dissertation 4
RESR 694E Dissertation 5
RESR 694F Dissertation 6
RESR 99 Continuing Dissertation Services

Career Opportunities

Program Manager

Brian Maeng Ph.D.

The DIT program from CityU prepares a leader for positions in public and private organizations, consulting firms, and universities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the continued growth of 12 percent in the computer and information technology field from 2018 to 2028, projecting more than half a million new jobs. Potential career options may include:

  • Chief Information/Technology Officer
  • Senior Organizational Leader
  • Entrepreneur
  • Information Technology Consultant
  • Technical Manager/Director
  • IT Project/Program Manager
  • Higher Education
  • Computing Services Director

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Updated: 8/31/2023