full Stack DevOps Research Group

A quarterly tech program where students learn and showcase various technological skills to to develop and deploy an application.

Application for Winter 2021 is now Open

The goal of this program is to match students with the same level of experience and showcase a working application that are chosen by the students.

Team size would range 2-4 members only. Max of 2 teams.

Project application period open till end of 2nd week of the quarter. 

Project kick-offs start 3rd week of the quarter.

Project Commitment: Students should be able to commit at least…

  • Twice a week 1 hour team meetings
  • 10 hours per week to work on the project

Project Showcase

  • progress of the project at 6th week of the quarter
  • final output of the project at 10th week of the quarter

To apply send an email to clarkngo@cityu.edu with the following:

  • Resume
  • Why you’d like to join and stating your commitment
  • Your current technical skills
  • What technology you would want to learn or focus on

What is expected from you:

  • Show up on-time to your scheduled meetings. If you can’t make it, communicate early.
  • Be self-sufficient in making progress. Seek out answers to problems, don’t wait for your next meeting.
  • Be a good, reliable teammate.
  • Put the 10hr/week into your project which you committed to when you applied.

You are allowed to use any technology stack for the project.

Your advisor/mentor is NOT there to write code with you. Think of your advisor as your manager: their job is to provide guidance on tech stack, architecture, and high-level tech problems; and to review your progress.

You’ll be assigned with an industry mentor given the availability.

About your advisor:

Clark Ngo holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science in CityU and Linux+ Certified. He currently works as a Program Manager – Full Stack Web Systems Developer for the AWS Apprenticeship Program for City University of Seattle and as a Software Engineer for both Cloudeagle.ai and Worldwide American.

His focus is on communication, documentation, architectural diagrams, full stack web application, cloud computing, and devOps.

Fall 2020 

Grocery App with C# and ASP.Net

Industry Mentor and Advisor

Clark Jason Ngo

Team Leader

Min Qiu


Min Qiu
Christopher Reyes
Kiran Limbu

Summer 2020 

Library App with MongoDB, Express, and Node.js

Industry Mentor

Lance Cho


Clark Jason Ngo


Min Qiu
Mary Oh
Chuck (Pengfei) Liu
Jianting Liu