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Clark Jason Ngo, Program Manager

This is my first Thursday Byte and the last one from me as I will be joining a new company to start my tech journey. As this is the first and last entry, I will be sharing my story, valuable skills to have, recommendations for books, podcasts, and channels to follow, and how to stay connected with me. Please take a moment to read through it.

The Journey with CityU
Let me tell you, my story.
In June 2017, I came to City University of Seattle (CityU) as an MBA international student bringing in an undergraduate finance degree and five years of experience in financial services. After a few months, I fell in love with technology as I got exposed to the Seattle tech community. With that and CityU’s bridge program, I shifted to the MSCS degree after completing the preparatory courses. As an MSCS student, CityU has provided me tons of opportunities to grow. I’ve worked as a teaching assistant, taught as an instructor, mentored new students, presented at the weekly tech club meetings, went to CISSE (Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education) in Las Vegas for paper presentation, published the same paper in CISSE journal, learned various cutting-edge technologies, and many more.
In March 2020, I finished my MSCS with CityU and started working with them as a program manager handling the AWS Apprenticeship Program, international programs, full-stack development, and cloud computing technologies. My role included being the chair of the technology committee which is responsible for guiding what technologies will be used in the courses in the School of Technology and Computing (STC) and forming academic alliances with industry partners. I also had the pleasure of mentoring students for two quarters in my Full Stack DevOps Research Group. All this while working for two startups as a software engineer.
Unfortunately, towards the end of March 2021, I will be leaving this role as my current visa status will not allow me to continue with CityU. In the meantime, I will be in the tech industry working full-time as a software engineer and be involved with CityU once my status permits me to. With me leaving, I have no worries about what I’m leaving temporarily as we will have a new excellent program manager joining the leadership team by the month of March!
If you are interested in more of my stories during my days as a CityU student, check these articles out:

Now let’s head over to the next topic, the valuable skills to have to be successful in the technology field.


Student Recognition - Spencer (Yuche) Liu

We are delighted to report that Mr. Spencer (Yuche) Liu, CityU STC student worker (teaching assistant), passed the AWS Solutions Architect exam! Congratulations! You are now AWS Solutions Architect certified and Linux+ certified. I expect many of our students to join the STC certification list after taking CS 519 or CS 489. All STC students are eligible for a 50% discount off the exam voucher. See your instructor about AWS exam vouchers. 


  • Are you ready for Cloud Computing


  • STC National Cyber League

Registration for NCL 2021 Spring Season is still open until Mar. 5th, 11:59 pm EST (8:59 pm PST). You don’t have to be enrolled in the BSCY or MSCY programs to join. The first 10 CityU STC students who sign up & complete the competition will be reimbursed for their $35 entrance fee. REGISTER HERE

  • STC Student Club Meeting

The Tech Group and the Cybersecurity Club will meet Thursdays from 4 P.M. to 5 P.M. PST via TeamsSTC Clubs & Research Groups Weekly Meeting – Winter Quarter. For students or faculty who would like to present, choose a date and upload your presentation HERE

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This Week in Tech History Feb 21th – 27th

February 26, 1991: First Web Browser is Released

The first web browser, called WorldWideWeb, is introduced by Tim Berners-Lee. The browser came with the WYSIWYG HTML editor. Tim Berners-Lee created the WorldWideWeb browser in 1990 and with Nicola Pellow, wrote the Line Mode Browser. The Line Mode Browser displayed web pages on ‘dumb terminals’ (a terminal the could only interpret a limited number of control codes). The WorldWideWeb browser and Tim Berners-Lee are accredited with kickstarting the internet boom in the 1990s.

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