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From Leadership – Program Manager Dr. Brian Maeng
Welcome to the fourth week of the quarter. 
One significant benefit of being a faculty member in the School of Technology and Computing (STC) at CityU is to have many opportunities for collaboration with energetic, young minds on various occasions. In the past year, I have enjoyed every moment with them, and I would like to share my experience working with one student group. 

This student group is the STC Student Tech Club officers that I advise as a faculty. They provide a meeting place for students sharing common interests in technology. Because of their work behind the scenes, students can present and listen to fascinating talks on the latest technology. STC Tech Club events, including weekly student clubs and research groups meetings, invited talks, applied research symposiums, and workshops, are arranged by them. Recently, their passion for technology even led two of them to offer an Android Studio & Application Deployment workshop during the break. 

On May 6th, these officers will host “STC Certification Awareness Week – AWS” to increase student awareness and answer student inquiries on AWS certifications. In this event, STC students who obtained AWS certifications will deliver talks on exam topics, resources, and tips on three AWS certifications (Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect-Associates, and Certified Developer-Associate). Please come and find out what opportunities will be available to you.  

Would you like to be a member of this energetic group? There will be one open officer position at the end of this quarter. Do you have a passion for technology? Do you want to build STC a better community? If your answer is yes to one of these questions, seize the opportunity. 


  • STC Student Clubs Meeting

The Tech Group and the Cybersecurity Club will meet Thursdays from 4 pm to 5 pm (PDT) via Teams: STC Student Clubs & Research Groups Weekly Meeting – Spring Quarter. For students or faculty who would like to present, choose a date and upload your presentation HERE

  • STC Cybersecurity Club

The STC Cybersecurity Club, a Byte of Cyber, is revising the club offerings to support the student journey to become a cyber savvy professionalThe Cyber Club is open to all CityU students and alumni. The next meeting of the Byte of Cyber will be Thursday, May 6th, 5:30 –6:30 P.M. PDT. Complete this survey

  • STC Certification Awareness Week – AWS
We are happy to introduce AWS certifications next week. We will introduce the AWS certification path, including AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Developer- Associate, AWS Solutions Architect- Associate. For each certification topic, it will cover Exam detail, Exam preparation resources, Tips. Welcome to join us at the STC Student Tech Club meeting
  • New TA Positions

School of Technology and Computing will recruit multiple student workers who can start working from the end of May 2021. You can find more information regarding the job description and requirements and submit your application at this link. Interviews will begin after two weeks. Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled. 

  • Faculty Research Group – Smart & Secure Computing Research Group (SSCRG)

Are you interested in studying emerging technologies, applying to real-world problems, and publishing the outcomes through your capstone project or conferences? If so, please contact SSCRG directors (Dr. Sam Chung, Executive Director, or Dr.Ali Khamesipor, Director). SSCRG will cover emerging or futuristic technologies such as cloud computing, EdTech, FinTech, AI, Blockchain, dApps, etc. The group is working with real-world problems for non-profit organizations and small businesses. Students of the group have published their outcomes in conference proceedings and journals. If you are interested in this SSCRG, please contact Dr. Chung or Dr. Khameipour. Also, feel free to visit the research group’s website for more information. 

This Week in Tech History April 25th – May 1st

A computer mouse is commercialized on April 27, 1981

On December 9th, 1968, Engelbart publicly introduced the mouse at what would come to be known as The Mother of All Demos. It wasn’t commercialized until it was introduced with the Xerox 8010 Star Information System. The Xerox 8010 was aimed at business and was a commercial flop. The Mouse almost became extinct until Steve Jobs acquired it and re-introduced it with the Apple Lisa in 1983, and secured it’s survival and evolution.

The Engelbart Mouse 1968

Xerox Mouse

Apple mouse

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Top Types of Networking Bloopers to Avoid PT.3


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