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In the coming quarter, many schools are taking to online learning in response to COVID-19. CityU and STC have worked in online learning since 1994. This week we will share how our faculty and TAs support students in the class and beyond the classroom to help students deepen their KSAs. (KSAs= Knowledge, Skills, Abilities). This week’s STC Byte shares two engaging online learning experiences.   


“I received a response to my email….at 11:00 PM” 

At STC our team focuses on providing quality service to our students. We understand the majority of CityU students are working professionals, often parents, who balance studies with busy daily lives. One of the Administrative Assistants, now studying with STC shared, her recent experience: 

“This is my first quarter taking courses with CityU, in parallel with being employed here. Though considering a recent pandemic, I didn’t have much chance to work with the School of Technology and Computing team face-to-face, I know for a fact that they are determined to provide their student population with the best experience possible and are extremely passionate about their work. This summer I’ve got a chance to experience this first-hand. I would like to give a huge shout-out to Sam Chung, the STC Dean, as well as the STC Program director– Morgan ZantuaRadana Dvorak, and Brian Maeng, for being there for their students, regardless of the day and time. And their teaching assistants (who are absolutely amazing!) reflect the same mindset! I would say that I am guilty of responding to work emails well beyond the designated office hours myself, but when I received a response to my email from Amrutha Vaidyanathan, a designated TA for IS 201 course, at 11:00 PM, right after I contacted her, I didn’t know whether I should complement her or scold her. I just want you to know that CityU and STC genuinely root for your success: you can always count on the support from our faculty and administrative employees. But now I am definitely going to remember to contact TAs during day hours (you all are fantastic, but please don’t work this late)” 

Introducing the Full Stack Research Computing Group


Tech and Cybersecurity Thursday from 4-5 PM here:  SSCRG Weekly Meeting – Spring 2020 

If you would like to present to the group on an idea, project, or share an area of interest, please upload your slides, if you plan on presenting something: 


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