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Morgan Zantua, MA Associate Professor and Director – Center for Cybersecurity Innovation Assurance Education  

Welcome to the Fall Quarter! 

Over break our faculty prepares for the upcoming quarter, and we encourage our students to do the same. This week I want you to prepare for the future by signing up and participating in the National Cyber League.  

What is the NCL? “The NCL was designed by four cybersecurity professionals and academics who believe cybersecurity is an interdisciplinary team sport. Like any sport, players get into shape by working out, competing individually and in teams, and being ranked against other competitors. The NCL was designed to be an “inclusive, performance based, learning centered collegiate cybersecurity competition.”  

The NCL competition is available to high school and university students twice a year, in Fall from August 22 to December 16, 2022, and in the Spring.  Participants get hands on experience working in scenarios commonly found in the workplace. NCL provides a gym where students can ‘get into shape’ before, during, and after the formal individual and team competitions. After the individual competition, NCL holds their team competitions.  

Registration: August 22 – October 7  (Late Registration dates: October 8-11) 

Gym Open: August 22 – December 16 

Practice Game: October 10-17 

Individual Game: October 21-23 

Team Game: November 4-6 

Please note that all registration deadlines end at 11:59 pm Eastern Time on the dates listed. 

What are the benefits of participating in NCL? 

NCL lets you put into practice what you learn in class. The format of NCL is different than a standard lab. Scenarios simulate experience and the “gym” is available to you from August 22 through December 16. 

Participants can work at their own level. 

Scenarios are work-based designed and hone critical technical skills. 

The registration fee is $35. The open gymnasium, scenarios, team-based competitions make $35 a good investment. 

After every competition, students receive a Scouting Report. These reports document your individual and team standing.  

I’ve spoken to a number of students who have used their NCL experience and Scouting reports during job interviews. One student explained, that while they had limited job experience, they were able to document their performance in NCL. 

Get in shape and register today, certainly before October 7th.  


SECtember – Mark your calendar for next year. 

Eleven students received scholarships to take the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK – Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge.  Dan Montague passed the certification before the conference. Dan said, “Being a scholarship recipient allowed me the time to focus my studies on this certificate full-time.”

Back Row: Michael Weber, Anna Kriuchkova, Paul Schindler, De’Andre Barnett, Ali Khamesipour, Christa Darrin Aguayo, Gabby Wargin, Winter Wells

Front Row: Dean Sam Chung, Daniel Montague, Melissa Lee, Morgan Zantua


WiCyS 2023

Women in CyberSecurity is holding their annual conference on March 16-18 2023 in Denver, Colorado!

Students MUST apply for a WiCyS scholarship to attend the conference (there is no general WiCyS 2023 registration for students) and have to be a current WiCyS student member to apply. For more information and to apply for a scholarship click here

AWS Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Scholarship Program

The AWS Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Scholarship program, in collaboration with Intel and Udacity, aims to help underserved and underrepresented high school and college students learn foundational ML concepts to prepare them for careers in AI and ML. For more information click here.

Upcoming Events

Click here to view our monthly calendar

Save the Date – Fall 2022 Invited Talk

Presenters: Kelly Hughes, Sr Manager, Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk PMO  

When: October 13, 2022 – 4:30 PDT 

WhereMS Teams Meeting 

Missed out on an Invited Talk or Tech Talk?

Check out the C4CYI YouTube Channel for STC recorded Invited Talks and events. Explore ACM Tech Talks and the ACM website to watch their free informative Tech Talks. ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession

Club Announcements

Cybersecurity Club

Anyone curious or interested in Cybersecurity is welcome to join! The club is also open to alumni, we encourage all current and future alumni to attend the meetings as well.

Meetings are held on Thursdays at 5:30 PDT via MS Teams. Fall meetings are focused on restarting the cybersecurity club beginning with filling open leadersip positions and The NCL which has a registration deadline of Oct 6

Cybersecurity Club Announcements

Cybersecurity Club is currently searching to fill the following positions. For more information about each role please contact Morgan Zantua. 

  • President 
  • VP of Operations 
  • VP of Administration/Secretary 
  • VP of Events 
  • Webmaster 

NCL Fall 2022 – Registration is now Open!

CL Fall 2022 Season Flyer

Gymnasium Access:
Aug 22 - Dec 16
Practice Game:
Oct 10 - Oct 17
Individual Game:
Oct 21 - Oct 23
Team Game:
Nov 4 – Nov 6

Sign up here to register and gain access to the Gymnasium. For more information, please attend a Cybersecurity Club Meeting.

STC Tech Club

STC Tech Club meets every Thursday from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM (PDT) via Teams to provide tech-related learning opportunities, skill development, and networking. Students or faculty who would like to share their expertise or project, please contact Adrian Parker.

Click here to join. Everyone is invited!

STC Tech Club Announcements
AWS Resources: 
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials   Security Learning Path  AWS QwikLabs  AWS Workshops 

LibreFoodPantry Open-Source Project

The STC Tech Club is proud to announce we are providing vouchers for 50% discounts on the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam. Please contact Adrian Parker if interested.

Data Science Club

The Data Science Club would like to invite you to our weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 4pm PDT. You can join our meetings using the link here. We will be covering various topics this quarter including Computer Vision, Data Engineering, and NLP! Take a look at our Fall Quarter Calendar to see more

Please reach out to the club president, Mahathi Vucha, with any questions. 



Google Developer Student Club

Click here for information about the Google Developer Student Club – City University of Seattle Chapter. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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