Message From Leadership

Dr. Sam Chung, Dean of School of Technology and Computing (STC)

Now it’s time to wrap up this fall quarter. 

How was this quarter? Was it productive for you? Did you learn a lot? 

I hope this quarter was very productive for you, and you learned something meaningful for your professional plans. 

STC works hard for student success. I believe that success comes from whom you trust and who trusts you. I want to make sure our students trust their STC degree programs. 

According to Joel Peterson’s book – “The 10 Laws of Trust,” trust has the three qualities of  Character,  Competence, and Authority.  STC’s formula for Character Development is (HUD)2 – Humble, Honest, Unique, Unified, Diligent, and Direction. STC is humbled to teach our students honestly and diligently because we understand our students are unique. STC  provides students’ direction and leads them by unifying their character. STC  integrates STC Competency-Based Learning (CBL) into every course. STC continues to infuse technical skills or industry certificates in each course. STC gives students input into the curriculum  by  empowering student Teaching Assistants to develop hands-on practices (HOP). STC wants to provide educational degree programs that our students can trust. 

STC Student Worker Recruitment

STC will recruit eight new student workers who can start working from as early as the end of December. If you want to learn about new technology, get involved in curriculum development, help your peers with technology, and grow personally and professionally while studying in STC, please apply to the following position (link).

Club Announcements

  • STC Tech Club
You are invited to STC Applied Research Symposium Fall 2021!

We’ll meet in the main room at 4:30 PM on Thursday, Dec 9th, so please use the following link to join: STC Applied Research Symposium Fall 2021

Check out this website for more information:

  • Data Science Club

With just a few weeks left of the quarter the Data Science Club would like to invite you to our Microsoft AI-900 Certification Workshop on Week 09 and our Research Symposium on Week 10. You can join both events using the QR code to the right. We look forward to seeing you and please reach out to Amanda Vaughan or Catherine Ata with any questions!

Upcoming Events

Cyber Scholarship Program (CYSP) 2022

Earn a full scholarship + stipend + work for a Department of Defense Agency!

Applications are being accepted now until  February 1, 2022.

The Department of Defense, partnered with the Center for Information Assurance Education (CIAE) through City University- Seattle is offering scholarships available to undergraduate (junior/seniors) and graduate students.

Current and incoming CityU students selected by DoD and CityU are eligible to receive full tuition, fees, books and a living stipend of $25,000 per year for undergraduate students, $30,000 per year for graduate students.

In exchange for this scholarship, awardees work for the sponsoring agency for a period of years equal to the time on scholarship.

Apply here

How to Apply: Sign up for an account, and click “Start Application” from your logged in home screen.

Intersection of Cybersecurity and Data Science

Career Tips

Hiring Manager’s Don’t Want to Play a Game – Job Search QuickTip #9

Hiring managers are playing the game “Where’s Waldo”. They are searching for the right candidate lost in a sea of unprepared or unqualified ones. Be Waldo.

Watch here

This Week in Tech History

December 9, 1987

Microsoft released Windows version 2.0 was with the most notable feature: application windows could overlap. Windows 2.0 also introduced the terminology “minimize” and “maximize.” Microsoft officially supported Windows 2.0 for 14 years until December 31, 2001, even if Windows did not take off until version 3.0 in the 1990s.

Tech Humor