Message From Leadership

Morgan Zantua, Director, Center for Cybersecurity Innovation

This week’s Leadership Message comes from the National Initiative Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The 2022 Conference theme is Demystifying Cybersecurity: Integrated Approaches to Developing Career Pathways. This conference aligns with C4CYI’s Mission to innovate solutions to existing industry issues. Conference organizers pointed out that in the past three months, cybersecurity open job orders jumped 43% from 597,767 to 714,5481 . The demand for cyber talent is skyrocketing, as is the need to diversify cybersecurity talent pool.  

Consider the benefits of attending conferences. First, you will learn from presentations and presenters. Second, you build your professional community. This person-to-person networking can be instrumental in landing your next job. Connecting with vendors helps you stay current on industry tools and services. Vendors often know about career opportunities through their professional network. An added benefit when you present at a conference is that you are building your professional reputation and honing your presentation skills. Ultimately, attending conferences is a great career booster, whether you are a student or faculty member.   

The good news is that the NICE 2023 Conference will be held in Seattle.  More information is coming. Consider being a student volunteer for next year’s NICE Conference if you live in Seattle or the Western Washington area. 

Left to Right: Davina Pruitt-Mentle – NIST, Marian Merritt – NICE-NIST, Morgan Zantua – Director of C4CYI, Ahreum Ju – Co Director, and Winter Wells – MSCY – Student Assistant


Build Your Resume

Interview now for Student Worker (SW) and Teaching Assistant (TA) positions at STC 

Become a valued member of the STC teaching assistant or student worker community. The School of Technology and Computing is recruiting student workers who can start working at the end of the Spring quarter. These roles provide practical experience, opportunities to learn, and expand your skills to build your resume.  

You may find the job descriptions and submit your application with the same links. Find the details here: Student Assistant, School of Technology and Computing and Student Worker, Center for Cybersecurity Innovation, Cybersecurity Career Navigation. Interviews will begin the week of June 1st and applications will be reviewed until the positions are filled.

Apply today! 

Mentors Needed

STC is looking for three students who want to share their technical knowledge and gain experience by being a mentor. If you are a self-starter who is technically competent, with good communication skills, and have completed your core courses as a BS or MS STC student, then this seven week mentoring is an opportunity for you. There is a special focus on Networking, Operating Systems, and Programming. You would work under Dr. Ahreum Ju’s supervision. To learn more click here.

Check out the New Human Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAI) Research Group 

Meeting Schedule:  Every Monday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PST – Join here. For more information, click here.

Upcoming Events

City University of Seattle promotes career pathways and opportunities for women of all educational backgrounds who are looking to enter software and technical roles. In this free webinar on June 16th, attendees will hear from women who have made the transition from nontechnical backgrounds into tech careers. 

The webinar will feature:
• Why CityU is different from other potential options
• Kristine Harris, current CityU student and Amazon employee, who will discuss how her Master of Science in Computer Science is helping her to reach her goals
• Kendra Schraml, a current CityU doctoral intechnology student, CityU instructor, and Ms. Wheelchair Washington will discuss her pathway that led her to position as a Technical Project Manager, Senior at USAA.
• Morgan Zantua, CityU Program Director in the School of Technology and Computing, who will discuss some of the tech programs at CityU and how we aim to lower barriers and help women transition into tech roles

Register Here Today!

STC Applied Research Symposium

When: Thursday, June 16th, 2022 – 4:30PM-5:30PM PDT

Where: MS Teams Meeting

Hosted by CityU’s Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and School of Technology and Computing (STC), the Applied Research Symposium is open to faculty, professionals, and students from any discipline, university, or professional organization.  At the end of each quarter, any students who would like to share their projects including capstone courses will present their outcomes. This symposium will provide opportunities for students, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the influence and impact of applied computing on the future of our planet and our society. Contact if you want to present a capstone or research.

Missed out on an Invited Talk or Tech Talk?

Check out the C4CYI YouTube Channel for STC recorded Invited Talks and events. Explore ACM Tech Talks and the ACM website to watch their free informative Tech Talks. ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession

Club Announcements

  • Cybersecurity Club

Cybersecurity Club would like to invite you to their weekly meeting! Click here to join us on Thursdays at 5:30 PDT on MS Teams. This week we will be discussing the book Sandworm by Andy Greenburg. We want to encourage students to reach out and present topics they are interested in to the club.

  • STC Tech Club

STC Tech Club meets every Thursday from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM (PDT) via Teams to provide tech-related learning opportunities, skill development, and networking. Students or faculty who would like to share your expertise or project, please contact Yang Ren

This week we will have the following presenters: 

1. Shelby – AWS Cloud Computing

2. Veerendra – Getting started with React Native

3. Marcelo Guerra Hahn – Managing your career, things to think about once you have a job.

Click here to join. Everyone is invited! 

STC Tech Club Announcements

The STC Tech Club is proud to announce we are providing vouchers for 50% discounts on the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam. Please contact Yang Ren if interested.

Now Recruiting!

School of Technology and Computing is recruiting student workers who can start working from the end of the Spring quarter. Details regarding the positions can be found here. 

  • Data Science Club

The Data Science Club would like to invite you to our weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 4pm PDT. You can join our meetings using the link here or by scanning the QR code on the right. We will be covering various topics this quarter including Computer Vision, Data Engineering, and NLP! Please reach out to the club president, Amanda Vaughan, with any questions.

Now Recruiting!

We will have two open officer positions starting next quarter but are hoping to bring on an additional officer to the team as well. We will hold officer training towards the end of this quarter with new officers officially taking office in the Summer 2022 quarter! Please fill out the application form here and reach out to Amanda Vaughan with any questions.

  • Google Developer Student Club

Please join GDSC Wednesday June 15th, 2022 at 2:30 PM (PDT): Invited Talk Series with Jax Scott (President – Outpost Gray).

During this discussion, Jax will explain how she created her global network from scratch, which has supported her professional development in becoming a published author, influencer, and RSAC speaker. She will teach you how to create influence in the community to build your network passively. At the end of this discussion, you will receive actionable techniques to create a thriving and impactful network that will support your endeavors.

Click here for more information and to RVSP . In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Career Tips

How to Get a Job in the Metaverse

Over the past six months, interest in landing a job in the Metaverse has increased considerably. While exact definitions of what constitutes the Metaverse can vary, your job will likely involve a combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, gaming and other Web 3.0 technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality. The first step toward exploring jobs in the Metaverse is to gain the required skills and knowledge posted in job descriptions. 

Most Metaverse jobs like those involving engineering-related work require a competitive skill set such as knowledge of NodeJS, Javascript, application programming interface (API) integrations and React. Coursera and edX are free to low cost platforms that allow you to build on the above skills. Networking with like-minded people is key to landing an entry-level Metaverse job or internship along with attending hackathons. Make sure your portfolio is up to date and build your brand. For more details read the entire article here

Source: ACM CareerNews

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