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At the end of every quarter, Applied Research Symposium presents Capstone completed by our graduating bachelor and master’s degree students. This quarter two tracks are featured. Join the event later today through this  link to the website. Recordings of the proceedings will be available at the same website location.

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If you haven’t registered for the fall quarter, review the new course offerings featured in the September  3rd Byte.


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Learn With CityU – Data Science

Paul Dooley, Ph.D. 

Best Job? Data Scientist! How to Get There.

Thur. Sept. 17 | 12:30 pm (PDT)

The data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century, according to Harvard Business Review.  Glass Door says it’s one of the best jobs in America. Learn how CityU’s stackable certificates and degrees in data science can advance your career. CityU courses are designed with the 5 C’s in mind: critical thinking, comprehension, communication skills, collaboration, and corporate cultural competencies. Our programs, structured on ABET, ACM international industry standards, prepare students to be effective and upwardly mobile in their chosen career track.

Join faculty and staff at the City University of Seattle to learn more about Data Science programs in this free informational webinar.

Free Webinar | Register: here

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This Week in Tech History

September 7, 2005

Apple introduces the iPod Nano, effectively replacing the iPod Mini. The move surprised many in the industry, as the iPod Mini was extremely popular. However, the use of flash storage instead of a hard drive allowed for a much smaller form factor increased reliability and better battery life. These improvements proved extremely popular with consumers as one million units were sold in the first 17 days. The pioneering use of flash storage in a consumer electronic device paved the way for its use in many future Apple product designs, such as the iPhone, iPad, and flash storage-based MacBooks.

September 9, 1945

Operators of the Harvard Mark II find a moth trapped in relay #70 in panel F. The bug is taped to their troubleshooting log where it was written, “First actual case of bug being found”. This was not the first use of the term “bug” for computer problems, but this was the first time the term “debug” was used.