Message From Leadership

Dean Chung  

The Power of Trust for STC and Student Success

Did you have a good break during the Labor Day break? Now it’s time to wrap up this summer quarter.

Since my body did not want to do anything this weekend, I just watched my favorite YouTube channels. I also slept a lot, and I read Joel Peterson’s book – “The 10 Laws of Trust”, which is available in the CityU library. I particularly liked his statement, “Well-grounded trust depends on accurately assessing the Character, Competence, and Authority of those to whom we consider granting our trust.”

On Labor Day, I met one of my faculty members to update STC’s program information on the Center website. ( The faculty asked me, “What is the most important function of our Programs?” I answered immediately, our program overviews must be clear, well-prepared, and demonstrate holistic systems thinking. As Dean of STC, I want our students to trust that we have integrity and good character and put their best interests at the top of our agenda. Well-designed clear overview of degree programs and certificates support student success. All STC programs provide strong foundations and teach solid knowledge and skills to ensure our students are competent and can advance in technology. Our students can succeed because STC has ethical and professional associate and administrative faculty focused on building competent programs students can trust.

Over the past ten years, I have been an administrator, full-professor, and now the Dean of STC; I have the authority and responsibility to develop programs designed to support student success.

I passionately believe that over time, degree programs emphasizing student interests and professional outcomes will successfully compete with their benighted counterparts obsessed with self-protecting and self-aggrandizing faculty interests. As Dean, I empower my STC faculty to teach and mentor students to support growth and success. Together, we are building a culture of character and competence. I thank you for trusting STC to be the university that helps you build your future.


STC is hiring TA’s  

School of Technology and Computing will recruit one or more student workers who can start working from the end of September 2021.  

You can find more information regarding the job description and submit your application at the following URL: Interviews will begin on 9/17 Friday, and the applications will be reviewed until the position is filled. 

A CityU alumni, Garima Arora, is looking for candidates. Fresh grads are welcome to apply.

Job Description:

  • Candidate can be CJIS security cleared.
  • Experience in Strong Python, C# and SQL programming knowledge
  • 5+ years of professional experience working on large scale networks, such as cloud providers, web-scale companies, or service providers.
  • Knowledge in routing protocols such as BGP, ISIS and OSPF and MPLS technologies, including L2/L3 VPNs, MPLS-TE, SD-WAN and SR, etc
  • Experience in automation in Azure Networking environment
  • Experience in design, implementation, testing, deployment of network automation
  • Develop custom code to cater Azure Network demand
  • Develop tools to enhance testing, automation and operational monitoring of Azure Network services
  • Artificial intelligence experience is added an advantage
  • Experience in writing automation using Python

    If interested, please contact

2021 National Cybersecurity Virtual Career Fair

The 5th annual National Cybersecurity Virtual Career Fair, sponsored by National Cybersecurity Training and Education (NCyTE) Center and the CAE in Cybersecurity Community, is right around the corner! Our career fair brings together students and alumni from over 300 institutions across the Nation designated as Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity with employers offering internships, temporary, part-time, and full-time employment. This year, the National Cybersecurity Virtual Career Fair will take place on September 17th, 2021, from 9am to 1pm PT.

Each year, the number of undergraduate and graduate students and alumni participating in this event continues to grow. Participants come from a variety of disciplines, including cybersecurity, security studies, computer science, engineering, math, physics, and project management. Students from CAEs in Research (CAE-R), Cyber Defense (CAE-CD), and Cyber Operations (CAE-CO) are invited to participate for FREE.

Students and alumni can submit resumes before the virtual career fair begins to allow employers to view resumes before the career fair. Students can participate in workshops leading up to the National Cybersecurity Virtual Career Fair to help them build their resume and interview skills.

For more information and to register, please click here.

Club Announcements

  • Cybersecurity Club

Hello everyone, we will not be meeting this week. We are meeting next week to plan for Fall quarter. We can’t wait to see you there. There are a lot of fun cyber events coming up.

Good luck with your finals!

Next Meeting: Thurs, 9th Sept 2021 5:30 p.m.

Click here to join 

  • Data Science Club
As was announced previously in the quarter, the Data Science Club has been participating in the RSNA-MICCAI Brain Tumor Radiogenomic Classification Kaggle competition. The Data Science Club members have been working on building machine learning models that can diagnose glioblastoma in hopes to minimize the current invasive diagnosis procedures. Through exploratory data analysis and model tuning, they have managed to jump from the middle of the leaderboard up to position 160 out of 1021 teams. The final submissions are due on October 15, 2021, so the team will work on improving their model even more over the next month.
The team has learned many valuable skills regarding teamwork and cooperation as well as how to participate in Kaggle competitions. They have become more confident working with deep learning models and are very proud of their progress and accomplishments.
Make sure to keep your eyes out for a more formal announcement coming soon regarding Data Science Club officer/member applications for the Fall quarter! In the meantime, you can fill out the form at the below link or contact Amanda Vaughan at for more information.

Application Form:

  • STC Tech Club

STC Applied Research Symposium – Summer 2021
There will be a quarterly Smart and Secure Computing Applied Research Symposium today, Sep 9, from 4:00 – 5:00 PM PDT. STC ARS invites qualified students currently enrolled in the capstone project course to present their work. Please join us for exciting findings in the field of computer science, cybersecurity, and data science.


The best competition value available today is the National Cyber League. The Pre-Season Registration is open now until October 8th. 

Any STC student who completes the competition and turns in their Scouting Report received a 50% rebate on the $37.00 registration fee. Rebate is limited, please complete this form to reserve your spot and join the team. To learn more about the competition watch this video.


  • Gym Open: August 23 – December 17 
  • Preseason Game: October 11-18 
  • Individual Game: October 22-24 
  • Team Game: November 5-7 

Upcoming Events

STC Applied Research Symposium Summer 2021

Hosted by CityU’s Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and School of Technology and Computing (STC), the Applied Research Symposium is open to faculty, professionals, and students from any discipline, university, or professional organization.  At the end of each quarter, any students who would like to share their projects including capstone courses, research or team projects will present their outcomes. This symposium will provide opportunities for students, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the influence and impact of the applied computing on the future of our planet and our society. 

Event Date: Thursday, September 9, 2021

Event Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM PDT

Click here to join

Career Tips

Don’t Apply For That Job! Prepare First and Fill Your Pipeline.

Fire, Aim, Ready. I have been a hiring manager for more than 30 years and I have received way more applications from unqualified candidates than I have for qualified candidates. This happens regularly with internal candidates (within a company) as well as external candidates.

Are you aware that RAA – Random Acts of Application – could be tracked by an automated corporate recruiting system and, as a result, you could be black-listed from applying further?

Read more

This Week in Tech History Sep 6th - 10th

September 7, 2005

On Sep 7, 2005, iPod Nano, which replaces iPod Mini, was introduced. This announcement surprised many in the industry as the iPod Mini was extremely popular. iPod Nano uses flash storage instead of a hard drive which allows for a much smaller form, increased reliability, and better battery life. Apple sold about one million units in the first 17 days due to the improvements. Flash storage is still widely used among Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad, and flash storage-based MacBooks.

Tech Humor