Message from Leadership

This week’s Thursday’s Byte presents the staged approach to working towards your undergraduate degree. The Fundamentals of Computing Certificate combines the Foundations Certificate, the three required preparatory courses (Computer Science I, Statistical Computing, and Fundamentals of Computing) with three additional Courses: IS 312 – Web Design, IS 345 Cybersecurity, IS 360 Database Technologies.

The next 6 courses (30 credits) include CS 302 – Human-Computer Interaction, CS 330, CS 330 –Network Communications, CS 351, Discrete Math in Computing, IS 340 – Operating Systems, IS 350 – Systems Analysis and Design, and IS 471 – Cyber Ethics complete the  45-credit  series of core courses to common to the five (5) STC baccalaureate degrees.

Between the Fundamentals, Foundations, and core courses, CityU students are well-grounded in technologyMilestone, like certificates, can be added to resumes and LinkedIn while students continue to work towards your degree. Next week the Byte looks at the Depths of Study. 

Create an App and Win $1000

You could earn $1000! The Ford Motor Company awarded our CityU Enactus team a grant for their Shirtie Mask project.  The Enactus team has distributed 500 face masks to Seattle homeless shelters.  The masks are made from used t-shirts donated by Goodwill Industries.  In the grant application, the CityU Enactus team proposed developing an app to connect members of the community that make masks to those in need of masks. The CityU Enactus team announces a competition in which you will receive a grant of $1000 for developing the app.  The due date for the prototype is June 1.  If you are interested in developing the app then please contact to receive the functional specifications for the app.  The Enactus team will judge the best one to receive the grant to complete the app.  Please join in helping vulnerable communities protect themselves. 


David Yi, BS ISEC, veteran and president of the CyberSecurity Club and Morgan Zantua, Director of the STC Cyber Center were interviewed for the Seattle Times Article: How Teleworking is impacting the cybersecurity landscape. Read more about cybersecurity and 8 tips for staying safe in a teleworking environment. 

Missed our invited talk?

If you missed the invited talk here is your chance to watch Did our panel have an impact, read The State Scoop 


Our Tech Club meets every Thursday and consists of both tech and non-tech members. Each week students present 5 to 15 minutes on their current research or a topic of interest. Join us to hone your presentation skills or learn from fellow students. To present on Thursday, upload your slides before 2:00 p.m. to this Share Drive.