Message from Leadership

Industry certifications are a solid addition to your LinkedIn profile and resume. In the upcoming  Thursday Bytes, we will discuss the new undergraduate certificates offered by STC . Our faculty also encourages technology students to obtain industry sponsored certifications. Businesses want to see a combination of academic achievements and industry recognized certifications. 

CityU is now a member of the CompTIA’s Academy Partner ProgramThis means you can purchase any CompTia certificate at a discounted price.   Just visit the CompTIA Academic Store at , follow the instructions, and place your order. 

You can purchase any CompTIA certificate vouchers with discounted price because CityU School of Technology and Computing (STC) is part of the CompTIA Academy Partner Program. 


This Summer, while piloting the new CS 251, Statistical Computing, Professor Brian Maeng has set up a weekly “Virtual” Office Hour on Fridays at  6 pm via Microsoft Teams. All students in his class have been invited to attend this real-time meeting. If you are considering taking CS 251 and want to attend a Virtual Office Hour, please email Dr. Maeng at .

We still encourage students to use the TA Center in case you have technical issues, questions about the Hands-On-Practice (HOP), Virtual Labs (VL), or Programming Exercises (PE).


Since we are speaking about certifications this quarter,  Congratulations goes to Spencer, (Yu Che Liu).  He passed his Linux+ Certification.

We would like to feature you in The Byte when you earn a certification. Send us your picture, a picture of your certificate, and we will recognize you in The Byte. 

A New Name

STC continues to evolve.  Thursday meetings formerly called the SSRG Weekly Meeting, will now be called the STC Student Tech Club – Cyber Club and Research Group Weekly Meeting. This week July 16th,  Clark Ngo has an interesting research group he is proposing. Be sure to attend to learn more.


Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 22nd at 4 p.m. PDT for STC’s  Student Clubs

Virtual Meetings for our student clubs is one of the unexpected consequences of Covid –19. Online students now have an opportunity to learn and participate in student clubs. Sign up here to attend the Orientation.