Message from Leadership: Summer Break – a time for Renewal

We are halfway through 2020!  Over the next three weeks, this is your time to relax, recharge, and learn new skills between now and the start of the Summer Quarter. Enjoy your downtime and practice social distancing as communities move into different phases of returning to the “new normal.” This week’s STC Thursday Byte features a range of opportunities to explore during Summer break.

However,  CityU and STC are providing renewal opportunities for Summer break.  

Consider attending Perseverance: The Importance of Mindset During Tough Times. .  

Perseverance: The Importance of Mindset During Tough Times 

Tue. June 16 | 1 pm – 2 pm (PDT) 

How do we get ourselves to take consistent, deliberate action in the direction of our goals during tough times? The answer is mindset. When we adopt a mindset of perseverance we act differently and we are compelled to move towards our goals. In this session, Dr. Julie Miller will share her story along with those of individuals who exemplify this mindset. She will also share tools for you to practice this mindset on your own.  

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Tech Humor


Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is an essential skill set for Vulnerability Assessment professionals. On the upcoming break, there will be two learning opportunities about pen testing by Jonathan Helmus, an STC faculty, and pen tester for Nordstrom. In this video, Jonathan explains how to get into the field. Join and experience Pen Testing Workshop with Jonathan. 

Workshop details: 


Instructor: Jon Helmus  

Dates: Tuesday June 16th and Wednesday June 17th 

Time: 4pm to 6pm each day, PDT (Seattle, WA) 

Who can join?  ANYONE 

Click   HERE  to sign-up 

Click   HERE to join 

NOTE: Prior to the workshop, please have required software installed. You can find detailed instructions and other information about the workshop here:  

If you cannot attend the workshop, please leave your email in the sign-up sheet, the recordings will be sent to you afterwards!  

Don’t forget to sign up, install the needed software and feel free to reach out anytime to should you have any question!