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This week the STC Thursday Byte is taking break from describing STC’s new programs and innovation to acknowledge Spring Quarter is coming to an end. This quarter our students, teaching assistants, faculty, staff, as well as the nation have faced a wide range of challenges. The onset of ‘stay at home’ orders to address  Covid-19 demanded flexibility, professionalism, and persistence on everyone’s part. While many schools struggle to adjust, CityU hasn’t missed a step. Truthfully, CityU’s  advantage is our community and 80% of our classes are online. For those onsite and Mixed Mode classes, students, TAs, and faculty came together and continued with work ‘as usual’.  

In the past week, George Floyd’s  murder exposed  wounds within our nation that have yet to be healed. The CityU community has been impacted by this event and the ensuing responses. Today I read the email from Dr. Cunningham, National University’s Chancellor, reaching out to all students within the NU system.  I am sharing Dr. Cunningham’s email: 

 “ I recognize how traumatizing this time is, given the racial disparities in COVID-19-related deaths, and the growing number of needless deaths connected to the very institutions sworn to protect us. 

  • I recognize National University System (NUS) has a pivotal role to play in this absolutely critical conversation, and I will be sending out a public message on behalf of NUS to ensure all of our constituents are aware that we stand against racism. 
  • I am committed to fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture at NUS. 

 Among the actions we should all take to stand against racism: 

  • Reach out to friends, family, colleagues, and fellow NUS community members who are Black and people of color to ask how you can best support them.
  • For those of us who are not people of color, recognize that inherent bias runs deep, and we are each responsible for identifying and overcoming our inherent biases.
  • Become educated by learning more about racism in American history and its legacy.
  • Challenge bias and racism; if you see something, say something. Be a voice against racism, one conversation at a time — whether that is with your friends, your family members, your co-workers, or our NUS community. 

 Among the actions we should all take to stand against racism: 

  1. We are convening a council on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI);
  2. We have contracted with a consultant to help lead us through ensuring JEDI across the System;
  3. We have accelerated our plans to increase affordable access and student success across our entire student body, especially to our underserved communities
  4. We are committed to having faculty, staff, administrators, and board members who represent our diverse student body;
  5. We will encourage volunteerism by all faculty, students, alumni, and staff to support those in need; and
  6. We will commit resources to promote JEDI across the System and beyond.

Competition Deadline Extended!

We have extended the deadline of the Shirtie Mask Marketplace App competition to Friday June 5th, to give you another week of time, and chance to take part. 

Remember that it is always encouraged to partner with other clubs such as Enactus CityU whose team came up with this project. This is also an opportunity to polish your resume. The winning team is going to receive $ 1000 prize money.  

To participate, please reply to this e-mail or sign up by putting your name into the sign-up sheet. 



Thomas Tate was challenged CS 481 on a problem.  ” I learned more with this problem and troubleshooting with [Apiwat]  than most labs. He is a fantastic instructorI cannot say enough nice things about him and only hope that I have another class with him in the future. “


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