Message from Leadership

This week features Graduate Certificate in Data Mining and Analytics (DataMA). The DataMA provides marketable data mining and analytics skills grounded in the technology and computing principles and constructs a solid foundation for further education. DataMA is a pathway to Master’s in Data Science (MSDS) and Doctor of Information Technology (DIT). If you are new to technology, the four preparatory courses are:


CS 132 Computer Science I
CS 330 Network Communications
IS 340 Operating Systems
IS 360 Database Technologies

Four courses in the DataMA are:
DS 515 Data Science Overview
DS 520 Data Mining
DS 522 Data Acquisition & Analytics
DS 524 Data Management and Governance


On Saturday afternoon, Daniel shared his knowledge with Tech Club members who are eager to learn more about Data Science career opportunities. He shared his personal story, career trajectory, and provided access to tools. Here is David’s advice for building a career in Data Science:

  • Don’t just do projects because others say you should, follow your passion and interests.
  • Internships are highly encouraged!
  • Build your profile using GitHub. Employers look at GitHub as part of their hiring process.  
  • Don’t focus just on math or only building technical skills. Collaboration, teamwork, and the ability to build a personal network are important skills to build a technology career.  


Our Tech Club meets every Thursday consisting of both tech and non-tech members. Students present 5 to 15 minutes on their current research or a topic of interest each week. Join us to hone your presentation skills or learn from fellow students. To present on Thursday, upload your slides before 2:00 p.m. on this Shared Drive.  

Thursday, May 28 

Thursday, June 4