Message from Leadership

This week’s Thursday’s Byte continues with the staged approach to working towards your undergraduate degree. Once the Foundations Certificate and the Fundamental Certificate have been completed, students are ready to declare their Depths of Study (DOS) and determine which STC degree will be earned. There are four Depths of Study areas – Cybersecurity, Data Science, Information Systems, and Information Technology. Each DOS consists of six five-credit courses (30 hours) distinct to the specific degree pathway. Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing students select their 30 credits from the other 4 degrees.

Each six-course series is available as a Certificate in Advanced Computing.

An additional ten credits are available to students to complete several different ways.

Option 1: Ten credits can be applied to two courses from another DOS.

Option 2: Take one DOS course outside of your ‘major’ and complete a five-credit internship.

Option 3: Repeat the Internship option.

Next week we will begin the review of the individual DOS courses related to the Bachelor of Science Cybersecurity (formerly known as BSISEC).


Our student’s online meeting quickly turned into a great opportunity. When COVID-19 pandemic hit, Enactus CityU initiated a project called Shirtie Masks, which aims to produce and provide people with protective masks, especially vulnerable populations like the homeless. However, the team saw the lack of a marketplace where volunteers and organizations can connect to distribute these masks.

In a meeting with Microsoft employees, students were allowed to participate in a Microsoft Hackathon to create such a platform. Within one night, the successful collaboration between Microsoft employees and CityU students delivered a website with all the necessary features. All student participants learned a lot from the professionals in the team. See the results of their efforts here:

Recognition – TA Center

I have had a long business career and I am heading back to City U to go after a Master’s Degree and to finish it off with a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology… for no other reason than it’s some unfinished business on my adventure. I am taking my first Computer Programming course and I cannot say enough positive feedback in regards to the thorough and complete training and assistance I am receiving from the TA center. Kim has been absolutely wonderful in making sure that I understand and are complete in my knowledge, and that takes patience and firm compassion for the subject she is assisting with and a commitment to conveying the information at a level this student can understand.

I appreciate the TA Center and would really like to acknowledge Kim.


Marshall Townsend

Introducing the 2020 Spring TA Center:


Our Tech Club meets every Thursday and consists of both tech and non-tech members. Each week students present 5 to 15 minutes on their current research or a topic of interest. Join us to hone your presentation skills or learn from fellow students. To present on Thursday, upload your slides before 2:00 p.m. to this Share Drive.

Mark your calendars for:

Thursday, May 7

Thursday, May 14

Thursday, May 21