Message From Leadership:

This week’s Byte is our message covers the foundation of all degrees offered through the School of Technology & Computing (STC). Dean Chung’s theory is clear. To prepare for a career in a 21st Century technology driven career our students require fluency in the ‘language’ and ‘culture’ of technology.  Three preparatory courses (or their equivalent) are required to begin a degree in STC:

CS 132 – Computer Science I – (Programming Language: Python)

CS 251 – Statistical Computing (QSR) statistics taught using the programming language “R”.

IS 201- Fundamentals of Computing addresses IT applications, platforms, development, data, and communication

Our Provost, Scott Carnz, agrees that our students be allowed to earn certificates leading to a degree.

STC’s Undergraduate Certificate -Fundamentals of Computing, adds three more courses to the preparatory courses.

IS 312 – Web Design -major focus is on the display of data and information to the end-user.

IS 345 – Cybersecurity – An overview of the discipline of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability; threats, vulnerabilities and risk management

IS 360 – Database Technologies covers data modeling, design through client server architecture, SQL, Relational and Object Databases and more.

All three courses are included in Core Requirements for all STC degrees.


STC proudly announces Clark Jason Ngo as the Amazon Web Services  Apprenticeship (AAP), Program Manager. Clark was one of the original Teaching Assistant for the first AAP cohort of 23 transitioning service members and military spouses. Next month, Clark leading a team of instructors, TAs, and STC Ambassadors will manage an online synchronous start of the 17 week AAP program for 21 transitioning service members. To learn more about the AAP program, watch this video celebrating the 2019 Graduation of AAP veterans.  

STC Byte Humor

Many CityU students are working parents. How many of us can identify with this?


Good news! If you are a working parent enrolled in an STC course – and you need assistance understanding directions or addressing a technical homework glitch, our TA team is on-call, past 6 p.m. TAs respond to your requests for help usually within 24 hours. Our unmarried TAs respond after your children are asleep.

For assistance email:







Tech Today: COVID-19 Impacts on Customer Security 

The coronavirus has changed the way we work. On April 23 at 1 pm, join panelists Vinod Brahmapuram (CISO State of Washington) and Tom Burt (VP Microsoft) as they discuss the new threat landscape and what lies ahead for individuals and businesses. 


Weekly Events


Our Tech Clubs meet every Thursday and consists of both tech and non-tech members. Each week students have 5 to 15 minutes to present on their current research or a topic of interest. Join us to hone your presentation skills or learn from fellow students. To present on Thursday, upload your slides before 2:00 p.m. to this here. Just want to learn? Join the meeting every week through Microsoft Teams. 

More about us at and  

Pictures from our meetings: