Data Science
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Amanda Vaughan


VP of Machine Learning

Catherine Ata


VP of Data Engineering

Mahathi Vucha



Brian Maeng

Now Recruiting!

We will have two open officer positions starting next quarter but are hoping to bring on an additional officer to the team as well. We will hold officer training towards the end of this quarter with new officers officially taking office in the Summer 2022 quarter! Please fill out the application form here and reach out to any of the current officers with any questions.

Spring 2022 Schedule

  • Week 1 (04/13): Kickoff Meeting
  • Week 2 (04/20): Machine Learning Overview
  • Week 3 (04/27): NLP
  • Week 4 (05/04): Capstone Orientation (STC Event)
  • Week 5 (05/11): Computer Vision
  • Week 6 (05/18): Invited Talk by Bukasa Tshilombo
  • Week 7 (05/25): Data Engineering
  • Week 8 (06/01): Invited Talk (STC Event)
  • Week 9 (06/08): ML Model Building
  • Week 10 (06/15): Applied Research Symposium (STC Event)