Course Mappings and MS Teams

Course Code MS Teams Link TA Name
Undergraduate programs  
CS 100 STC BS Orientation to Bachelor's Programs
CS 132 Computer Science IShelby
CS 251 Statistical ComputingYared
IS 201 Fundamentals of Computing
IS 360 Database TechnologiesShelby
IS 340 Operating SystemsJamel
IS 471 Cyber Ethics
CS 330 Network CommunicationsSakshi
CS 351 Discrete Mathematics in Computing 
IS 464 Policy and Audits
IS 457 Enterprise Systems
IS 468 Tools and Techniques
IS 345 CybersecurityKen
IT 434 Cloud ComputingShravya
IS 456 Database Systems ManagementShravya>
IT 472 IT ComplianceShravya
DS 476 Data Analysis and PresentationMahathi
CY 481 Network SecuritySakshi
CY 488 Software SecuritySakshi
Graduate programs 
CS 500 STC MS Orientation to Master's ProgramsMahathi
ISEC 500 Cybersecurity Overview
ISEC 525 Network and Wireless Security
ISEC 665 Cybersecurity Capstone
CS 506 Programming for Computing
CS 624 Full-Stack Development I
CS 504 Software Engineering
CS 687 Computer Science Capstone
DS 522 Data Acquisition and Analytics
DS 620 Machine Learning & Deep Learning
CS 547 Secure Systems and ProgramsJamel
CY 545 Data Privacy & SecurityKen
CY 628 Components Integration SecuritySakshi
CY 640 Software Reverse EngineeringKen
DS 510 AI for Data ScienceKen
DS 520 Data MiningAlekhya & Christopher Sharp
DS 524 Data Management & GovernanceMahathi
Doctoral programs 
DIT 600 DIT OrientationsMahathi
DIT 620 IT Innovation in Complex and Global EnvironmentsMahathi
DIT 637 Smart and Secure SystemsAlekhya

STC Teaching Assistants


Alekhya Malla 

Alekhya has worked as a Data Engineer for over 3 years. She is very passionate to learn new technologies and find solutions to real world problems with her expertise. She has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from GITAM University, India. Her interests are being up-to-date with the new developments around Data Analytics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.


Ken Ling 

Ken is interested in the stories of technologies, which contain new ideas and inventions in the trends. Currently, he’s studying for a Master of Science in Computer Science.


Mahathi Vucha 

Mahathi has a BS in Information Technology from JNTU, India. She has industry experience as a BI Engineer for over 6 years. She is now pursuing her Master of Science in Computer Science. She has extreme interest to continue working in the data field and to pursue Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Mary Oh  

Mary has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Biomedical Engineering and is working for Spacelabs Healthcare, a medical device company. She is now completing her Master of Science in Computer Science. She’s always been interested in technology and hopes to be a full-stack developer in the future.


Sai Shravya 

Sai Shravya is currently a graduate student at CityU working as Teaching Assistant at School of Technology & Computing. Before starting as a graduate student she worked as Machine Learning Engineer in India. She is interested in problem solving and learning new stuff.


Shelby Lynch 

Shelby is currently studying Data Science at CityU. In the past she studied computer science, linguistics, and artificial intelligence abroad in the Netherlands. She hopes to help students with their academic goals with her diverse educational background and flexible teaching methods.


Winter Wells 

Winter is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. She have a bachelor's degree in Asian Studies from the University of Washington. Her passion is security awareness, and she is particularly interested in inspiring more high schoolers to consider a career in cybersecurity.


Anahita Raeiszadeh

Anahita has a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree and Master of Industrial Engineering degree . She has been working as Executive Manager for more than 10 years. She is now pursuing the major of Computer Science at CityU. She’s always been interested in Technology, Data Science and Machine Learning.


Christopher Sharp 

Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Astronomy from the University of Washington in Seattle, developing experience in data science and software development through a couple of years of experience as a research assistant. He is hoping to use his Master of Science in Computer Science from the CityU to get into a PhD program in theoretical cosmology.


Gabby Wargin 

Gabby has a Bachelor in Science in Psychology from Oklahoma State University. She is currently a stay at home mom and decided to pursue a MSCS after seeing all the tech opportunities in Seattle. After taking some information security classes she discovered a bigger and more exciting interest in Cybersecurity. She is now pursuing a MSCY. Her interests include cybercrime, security culture, and using her future degree and experience to make a positive impact in the world.


Jamel Jara 

Jamel graduated from University of Colorado Denver with major Biology, minor Chemistry and Pre-med degree. He had worked in two major research areas such as Endocrine Disruption and Kidney Transplantation. He had also worked for Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices in different high positions for 11 years. Now, he is working to get masters in computer science at CityU of Seattle. He is interested to specialize at Artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Sakshi Desai 

Sakshi is pursuing her masters in computer science and did her bachelors in integrated science and technology from James Madison University Virginia. Background is in Test engineering and iOS development. Interest in iOS development, Blockchain and Technical management.


Veerendra Sai Jagatha 

Veerendra has a Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTU Hyderabad. He has experience as Full-stack Developer and Technical Advisor for 8 years. Currently he is studying Masters in Computer Science at CityU. He is interested in Full-Stack Development and DataScience.


Yared Shewarade 

Yared has been working as Data Engineer for different Institutions. He has experience in database technologies, and programming. Currently, he is studying Master of Science in Computer Science. He has a strong interest to work in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and predictive analysis.


For any issues, please contact Ali Khamesipour ( TA co-ordinator )  

TA Guidelines

STC Ambassador

What the TA can do:
The TA can only help technical issues of your course exercises, assignments, and virtual labs.

The TA is supporting your work, not doing your work on behalf of you.

What  the TA cannot do:
The TA cannot be involved in any grading according to the current City policy.

The TA may not resolve all of the issues due to his limited experiences and knowledge.


Must be a currently enrolled City University of Seattle – STC or SOM student. Position has at least two academic quarters commitment.

Student Ambassadors…

Help others through mentoring and outreaching. Represent the program to industry, outside organizations, and the community


Builds leadership and communication skills. Broadens career network. Real-world experience that will set you apart as a professional in the technology world

Honorary STC Ambassadors


Chunhui Xu (Hui) 

Hui's major was physics, so he has a mathematical foundation in calculus and linear algebra. Moreover, he has a strong interest in artificial intelligence algorithms. He has experience repeating certain artificial intelligence algorithms with code. Now he is working hard to study for a master's degree in CS.

TA Courses : CS 351 ON, IS 457 ON


Wenzhi Xu  

Back in 2012, Wenzhi started to learn C/C++ and web development technology. After he graduated in 2015, he worked in Beijing for 5 years as a full-stack engineer and back-end engineer. Besides, he is interested in low-level and high-performance technology.


Amanda Vaughan  

Amanda has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Central Washington University. She worked in the industry for a year and a half as a Software Engineer before she decided to go back to school and discovered her interest in Data Science. She is now working towards her Master of Science in Data Science and hopes to go back into the industry as a Data Scientist in the future.


Guangwei Huang (Cedric)

Computer Vision, Software Development, Data Science


Jerry Zeyu Chen  

After challenging himself in different fields, Zeyu discovered his passion for software development and design. His current experience includes cloud technology and full-stack development, especially building 3D graphics on the web front end. He is studying for a master's degree in computer science at Seattle City University.


Yang Ren 

After finishing bachelor’s degree in British, Yang found traditional biology and life science need to be supported by mega data analysis and data visualization. With the foundation of bioinformatics, he began his journey in computer science and showed huge interests in data science and artificial intelligence fields.

davi david yi

David Yi 

A US Army veteran, David has studied multiple different areas of STEM and eventually returned to his passions in Cyber and Information Security, in which he is currently pursuing his Baccalaureate here at CityU.


Scott Zhou 

Software Development, Data structures and Algorithms, System Design


Kim Mai Nguyen 

After challenging herself in different fields, Kim found her passion for Technology, especially in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Kim is also fluent in Vietnamese, English, and German.​



Ruan has 10+ years of experience acting as an IT project and portfolio management professional. In the recent past years he has been working as an Agile Coach and MBA teacher.

Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 11.51.02 AM_Liu, Yu-Che

Yu-Che Liu (Spencer)  

Studying Master of Science in Computer Science at the City University of Seattle. Yu-che has three-year working experience as a software developer and expert in developing Android applications and full-stack solution. Solving the problem using cutting-edge technology is his interest, for instance, machine learning for customer risk evaluation and disease prediction.


Min Qiu 

After challenging himself in different fields, Min found his passion for programming. He worked as a Java Developer for 3 years and kept learning different skills. However, knowing Chinese technology stacks are different from the US. Now Min opens his interests for any technology from the US.

Smita Dutta

Smita Dutta 

She worked as a Senior Software Engineer for Philips HealthCare in India for two years. Smita studied graduate courses in Electronics And Electrical. She has experience in .Net development and going forward would like to explore in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Networking.


Shanshan Yu (Friendy)  

After working for a pharmaceutical company in China, Shanshan found her passion for programming. She is interested in Machine learning, Data Mining, and Data Versuliazation. She enjoys challenges and exploration, now she is pursuing her master of science in computer science degree at the City University of Seattle.


Aya Khalil  

She worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Computer Engineering Department at Pharos University in Alexandria for around two years. Aya studied graduate courses in Egypt, but she decided to complete her masters in CityU.


Apiwat Chuaphan  

Career switched back when he realized that he spent more time with computers than flowers which let him to happily do it all over again. He is a fan of high technology innovations with great interests including cloud technology, AI, and things related to Python.​


Dat (Dustin) Phan

He has experience in administrating Windows Server 2008 servers, SharePoint 2010 servers, and CentOS 6.9 servers, as well as developing Java OSGi plugins and performing program profiling for Java applications. His professional interest includes cloud computing and data structures.

Minh Truong

Minh Truong

Data Science and Data Analytics


Tysu (Hiteishi) Reddy  

She has a bachelor of science degree in information security and worked for Test Mile, a startup company in software testing. She is extremely inspired by digital security, her insight and experience consist of systems administration and data security.


Amrutha Vaidyanathan  

Java, C++, Software Development, Full Stack


Clark Jason Ngo  

When he transitioned to technology, he found his passion for Software Development and Design and mentoring others to transition to this field as well. His experience now consists of full-stack development and cloud technologies.


Kevin (Kuan-Ting) Chen  

In addition to his education, Kevin has approximately two years of research experience in award-winning robot projects using C++ and Python, along with a publication in Material Engineering. He is also fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese.


Tuan Khai

He earned his Bachelor of Design in Multimedia System at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in Vietnam and worked as a Graphic Designer for half a year. When he came to the US, he shifted his path to Computer Science and found his interest in Data Science and Machine Learning.


Wayne (Weilun) Ma  

Java, Data Structures and Algorithms


Karthik Dinakaran 

Software Engineer


Kevin (Peng) Wang  

Software Development, Cloud Technologies, Blockchain, Data Structures and Algorithms