Scott Zhou, Cedric Huang & Wenzhi Xu

    Jira Software is a popular tool for project management and bug-tracking by over 180,000 customers in 190 countries. Jira integrates project planning, task assignment, task management, and bug tracking. In the software development team, JIRA can be combined with the software development life cycle to help deliver high-quality code efficiently.
   Confluence is an easy-to-use document management tool provided by Atlassian as well. Its powerful editing management functions can help team members share information, document collaboration, and group discussions.
   Jira Software and Confluence are usually used together. In this workshop, we will introduce how to use them step by step. Whether you are in a software development team or not, you can benefit from it. We will talk about:
  • What the Jira and Confluence software look like
  • What the software development lifecycle is
  • How to manage a project and track tasks with Jira
  • How to customize workflow on Jira
  • How to prepare documentation using Confluence
  • How to integrate Bitbucket with Jira

Click the meeting Link: Microsoft Teams or Scan the QR code in the flyer.